5G, Metaverse could be playground for cyber attacks: Palo Alto Networks

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Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise. The year 2022 was no different. Enterprises across industries and sectors witnessed a rise in the incidence of cyber attacks. Cybercriminals have found new ways to exploit the cryptocurrency boom, hybrid working, and more recently, insecure APIs, using ransomware to target critical infrastructure. According to CERT-IN, more than 6.7 lakh cyber security incidents were reported in India in the first six months of 2022. With the increasing number of organizations falling prey to cyber attacks, global cyber security leader Palo Alto Networks has highlighted key insights that organizations in India should keep in mind.

According to GSMA, with the rollout of 5G services in India, the country is expected to reach 88 million subscribers by 2025. But while everyone is talking about delivering higher data speeds, latency improvements and an overall functional redesign of mobile networks, cloud 5G will expose the core to cloud security vulnerabilities. With a limited number of Indian organizations equipped with a plan to secure their 5G/4G environments, CISOs will need to be wary of large-scale attacks from any source, including the operator’s network.


With an estimated $54 billion spent on virtual goods each year, the metaverse could open up a whole new playground for cybercriminals. The immersive nature of the Metaverse will unlock new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, allowing buyers and sellers to connect in a whole new way. Companies, and cyber attackers alike, will leverage mixed reality experiences to meet the needs of consumers in the metaverse and diversify their offerings.

Reimagining Cyber ​​Security Approach

Sean Duca, vice president and regional chief security officer for Asia Pacific and Japan, Palo Alto Networks, said: “The fluidity of today’s cyber attacks will require business leaders to continually re-imagine their cyber security approach. Leaders must consider innovative solutions, techniques and approaches that outperform traditional systems. Organizations have a lot to consider in 2023, but being vigilant and aware will help them defend against emerging threats.”

Adopting a zero trust strategy and architecture from prevention-first AI will be imperative to adopt broad and deep cyber expertise and deliver intelligence in defense to stay ahead of the curve. But, more importantly, organizations must build the resilience to respond and recover.

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