A happy holiday gift guide, infosec pro edition

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Three hundred and sixty five days of worry is a good job description of an infosec pro.

Whether working for a well-funded bank or a fledgling startup, IT security professionals get tired every day. So they need escapism for holiday gifts. Here are some suggestions for what InfoSec Pro to get on your shopping list. (All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted):

-A thick bathrobe to come home with. Wrap them up warmly. What better way to wash away the worries of the day. The Strategist at New York Magazine has this List of 21 best bathrobes for women. gq suggests these bathrobes for men, Want to shop Canada? try LL Bean Canadaeither Harry Rosen Menswear.

Terry Velor Shawl Collar Robe $112, Harry Rosen Menswear

Not everything is digital today. Some decisions require an official signature. And what better way to sign a name with a flourish than with a classy pen. Not just any pen – a fountain pen. Birks carries Montblanc Meisterstuck Gold-Coated Classic Fountain Pen for $800, It has a piston converter, which allows for the optional use of ink cartridges instead of messy (but classic) bottles of ink. or the one in the bay Wildhorn Pen and Bifield Wallet Combo Set For $37 (HALF OFF THE REGULAR PRICE!!!)

Photo of a pen and wallet gift set from Hudson's Bay
Wildhorn Pen and Wallet Gift Set from Hudson’s Bay

Books are a great gift to get away from it all. Is your friend fond of rock music? how about 50 Years of Rolling Stone Compilation of magazine articles. published in 2017, It’s on sale now on Chapters for $80., Do they yearn to get away from it all? there is wayward, for $44, features photos and the stories behind them by a leading surf, nature and adventure photographer. And when there’s technology involved, they might as well like it sideways, $38, The story of why Google couldn’t build the so-called next-generation community in Toronto. If these book suggestions don’t do it, consider fiction by a Canadian author.

Photo of the cover of the book Sideways by Josh O'Kane
Sideways, by Josh O’Kane

Books have caught your attention, but you think your friend wants to delve deeper into their profession? How about recently published cyber investigationHere’s how to do it for $120. either Ransomware Hunting Team, $40, how a team of hackers from around the world goes after some of the biggest criminal threat actors around.

Photo of the book cover of The Ransomware Hunting Team
Ransomware Hunting Team, $40

If you know them — and their computing devices — well, why not a security key for their home computer for unbreakable strong authentication? Options include a Yubikia google Titan’sOne kensington fingerprint key Don’t know which is best? Here’s a guide.

photo of google titan security keys
google titan security key

Finally, if you’re a CEO and want to applaud your CISO or infosec leader, we suggest a chair – a chair that gives your prized employees a seat at the executive table, where their voices are heard more clearly. Will be heard properly.

photo of an office chair
Image by Bulgak via Getty Images

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