How Toronto’s Visitor Economy Helps Businesses Thrive

After more than two years of struggling through virtual meetings and events, we now truly appreciate the value of connecting with others face-to-face. Meetings Means Business Canada Coalition (MMB Canada) revives Global Meetings Industry Day, first launched in 2016, to promote the importance of face-to-face meetings, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences in bringing businesses and … Read more

Hashtag Trending Mar.26th- Intel co-founder who developed Moore’s Law dies; Nvidia announces new way to speed up chip manufacturing and Microsoft warns other search engines from using its AI tool

Gordon Moore who gave us Moore’s Law has died, Nvidia announces a way to speed up chip manufacturing 40 times and Microsoft beefs up its might to defend the newfound popularity of Bing’s AI search. These stories and more on trending hashtags for Monday, March 27 I’m your host Jim Love, CIO of IT World … Read more

SAP endorses Coveo’s AI Search and Recommendations Platform for SAP Commerce Cloud

Coveo Solutions Inc.a Montreal-based artificial intelligence (AI) company set on transforming digital experiences, has announced that its AI-powered search and recommendation platform for SAP Commerce Cloud – Coveo AI Search and Recommendations – is now officially endorsed by SAP and available in the SAP Store. In its announcement, Coveo explained that SAP-endorsed applications are a … Read more

ABC Life Literacy Canada announces new digital literacy resources to combat online fraud

ABC Life Literacy Canada Is releasing new resources aimed at educating Canadians on online fraud. In 2022, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center Fraud and cybercrime have been reported in total, with victims losing a total of C$530 million. This is an increase of almost 40 percent from 2021. Furthermore, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center found that fraud … Read more

Hashtag Trending Mar.24th- Google’s Bard plagiarizes an article and apologizes, TikTok CEO grilled and former Meta recruiter paid $190,000 a year to do nothing

Google’s bard apologizes after plagiarism, TikTok’s CEO faces tough questions from a US Congressional committee and former Meta recruiter says he was paid $190,000 a year to do nothing. Welcome to trending hashtags for Friday, March 24 I’m your host Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and TechNewsday in the US – here’s today’s … Read more

Editorial: Why does the government hate Canadian technology publishing?

As Chief Content Officer, I have refrained from editorial. I have my own blog for personal opinion. The rule in our publications has always been, “How does knowing this really enrich our readers?” But recent actions by the Canadian government to “help” Canadian publishers have changed my view, as I asked myself the question, “Why … Read more

Canadian movie chain Cineplex, City of Toronto among the victims of GoAnywhere MFT hack

More Canadian organizations have acknowledged that a file transfer vulnerability managed by GoAnwhere MFT is being victimized by the Clop ransomware gang. The Klopp gang has told Bleeping Computers that it has targeted 130 organizations using the vulnerability. Movie chain Cineplex Inc said on Thursday it was a hit. This comes after Klopp listed Cineplex … Read more