Best Value Gift Sets For the Holidays

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Inflation is no joke, and the holidays are about to cost a lot more this year. From groceries to gifts, the Canadian dollar doesn’t go as far as it went one year ago. If that means you’re on a budget when it comes to your shopping list, but you still want to look like you spent a fortune, consider a value gift set.

Many brands and retailers package their best-selling products at significant savings during the holiday shopping season, and we’ve found the best of the best. Here are our favorite bundled gift sets, ranked in order from least to most economical.

caffeine kick

For the coffee connoisseurs on your list. This gift pack from Ontario-based Detour Coffee features two of their super-popular holiday blends and one limited-edition blend.

Total Savings: $5

Holiday Tasting Pack, $68,

Best Value Gift Sets: Uncommon Goods

home office organizer

This gift set is for the person who is still working from home but hasn’t quite figured it out yet. With a mug full of spreadsheet shortcuts, little confidence-boosting flashcards, and a mute button that gives 100% certainty that your mic is off, this will instantly up their WFH game.

Total Savings: $9

Work From Home Gift Set, $126,

Best Value Gift Sets;  rosewood honey

something nice

Rosewood Winery in Lincoln, Ontario not only grows grapes but also keeps bees, which they’ve been doing for over 90 years. Four of their unique honeys, plus a few extras like handmade soap, are a gift to the gourmand in your life.

Total Savings: $9

Honeybee Set, $55,

Best Value Gift Set: Elucx

Home Spa Essentials

The Bath Salt and Body Scrub set from Montreal-based Elucx is handcrafted in Montreal for the giftee that needs a little pampering.

Total Savings: $9

Elucx French Cafe Gift Set, $55,

eye mask and matching pillow

travel is essential

For the jet-setter on your list, this made-in-Quebec set includes a memory-foam pillow and bamboo sleep mask that will keep them super comfortable on their next flight.

Total Savings: $15

Combo Nuez Pillow and Sleep Mask, $149,

Kokum Scrunchies

handmade hair tie

Created by Maia Beaudry, 11, of the Kittigan Zibi Anishinaabeg First Nation, Kokom scrunchies are little works of art for your hair. Normally priced at $10 each, you stock up on 10 of her colorful designs at a discount.

Total Savings: $20

Scrunchies Set, $80,

Best Value Gift Sets: Briogeo

hydrating hair care

Everyone’s hair needs a little extra hydration during the winter months. Help them out with this hair mask set from Briogeo, a beloved BIPOC-owned brand from New York.

Total Savings: $23

Briogeo Ultimate Hydrate + Repair Scalp + Hair Mask Kit, $37,

cocktail kit

drink of choice

We haven’t gotten over the subgliato TikTok craze, and if there’s a non-drinker on your list, you can help them part with this alcohol-free set from Cocktail Emporium. It has everything they need to make them look amazing non alcoholic Spirit.

Total Savings: $24

Winter Spirits Set, $100,


canadian candles

As a host gift or for anyone who loves candlelit comfort in winter, Lohn’s mini holiday-themed set is a no-brainer. Sustainably made in Canada, this trio is definitely a winner.

Total Savings: $24

Lohan Winter Moments Mini Candle Trio, $66,

alumier skincare set

Anti-Aging Arsenal

If you have someone in your life who is serious about taking care of their skin, this set is guaranteed to impress. It’s got all the products for a six-step routine, and includes Holy Grail ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. Bonus: Most of the products are carry-on-friendly at less than 100 mL, and the set also comes with a handy travel bag.

Total Savings: $32

Rejuvenate Skin Collection, $430,

Lee Valley Gardening Tools & Totes

gardener’s toolkit

For the budding green-thumb in your life, look no further than this gardening starter set from Lee Valley. They’ve got all the basic tools to get you started, like pruners and trowels, and a storage tote to keep them all organized.

Total Savings: $45

Garden Tool and Tote Set, $205,

tatcha skincare set

Cult-Favorite Skincare

Launched in 2009, Japanese skincare brand Tatcha has amassed a worldwide fan following. For the same price as their oversized moisturizer, this kit has the added bonus of a face wash and serum.

Total Savings: $45

Tatcha Dewey Essentials Set, $107,

Woof Concept Dog Accessories Set

dear friend’ fits

Vancouver-based Woof Concept creates cute and functional pet accessories that are the perfect gift for the dog parent in your life. This six-piece bundle comes with a leash, collar and harness, plus poop-bag holders, a food bowl and treats.

Total Savings: $71

Cosmopolitan Ultimate Bundle, $170,

Man wearing Organic Basics jogging suit

comfortable essentials

Organic Basics, a Danish company that makes basics in organic cotton—you guessed it, has tons of value packs. Our favorite is the cozy, gender-neutral hoodie and sweatpants pack, which is 50 percent cheaper than buying each piece individually.

Total Savings: $104

Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Sweat-Hooded Pack, $104,

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