Best Winter Boots by Canadian Brands

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canadian families spend a Average over $450 on shoes all year round, and with the typical price of winter shoes starting at $100, it’s safe to say that the majority of the shoe budget is spent on one or two sensible pair to wear in the snow. With our extreme winter weather, it’s no wonder that several Canadian companies have established reputations for making high-quality boots for sub-zero temperatures. and the global winter boot industry is poised to reach a valuation of more than US$ 2 billion by 2027, they stand for massive cash. Here, our picks for the 10 best winter boots for 2023 by Canadian brands.

The lace-up nylon and leather shoes were designed in Canada and made in Italy by Montreal-based Macage.

Mackage White Conker Boots, $513,

Anfibio warm winter boots

Launched in Montreal in 1968, Anfibio is a footwear manufacturer credited with creating the first waterproof leather boot in Canada.

Anfibio Nordic Shoes, $450,

Rudsak Best Winter Boots

Rudsak began making leather jackets in the ’90s and has since expanded the Montreal brand to wool and down-filled coats, apparel and thermal boots.

Rudsak Madly Women’s Fold Over Boots, $475,

Canada Goose Best Winter Boots

Canada Goose, known around the world for its warm winter coats, got into footwear last year. This pair from the Toronto-based brand is like a cozy puffer coat for your feet.

Canada Goose Crofton Fold-Down Boot, $650,

Manitoba Mukluks Winter Boots

Métis-owned Manitoba Mukluks began selling the “original winter boot” in Winnipeg in 1997 – the mukluk – which dates back 10,000 years. Today, its modern traditional shoes and moccasins are still designed by indigenous artists.

Manitoba Mukluks Waterproof Pacific Half Boots, $250,

La Canadian Winter Boots

La Canadienne is well-liked for stylish leather and suede footwear that is waterproof, breathable and handmade in Canada.

La Canadienne Aaron Suede Boots, $625,

pazar best winter boots

These shoes from Canadian heritage brand Pazar look like a high-top sneaker, but insulate your feet in temperatures as cold as -30°C.

Pajer Ferro Men’s Sneaker Boot, $225,

Kamik Kids Warm Winter Boots

Kamik, founded in St. Laurent, Ky., makes shoes for the whole family, but this pair, which has hook-and-loop Velcro straps instead of laces, is specifically designed for kiddos.

Kamik Chinook Hi Winter Boots, $120, comic dot com

cougar best winter boots

Cougar was founded in Burlington, Ont. by a former employee of the Bata shoe factory, and today it is famous around the world for its waterproof Pillow Boots, a design that has been around since the 1970s.

Cougar Pillow Boots, $240,

Maguire Winter Boots

New on the scene, Maguire’s was founded by Montreal-based sisters Myriam and Romy Belzile-Maguire In 2016. In addition to sandals, loafers, and pumps, they now make a fully lined winter shoe.

Maguire Estrella Shearling-Lined Boots, $360,

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