Breaking News: Free cybersecurity resources for Canadian retailers now available

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Retailers across Canada now have access to a free online and bilingual cyber security program.

called the Retail Cyber ​​Secure program, it is an effort of the Retail Council of Canada, IT and loss prevention professionals, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Ministry of the Solicitor General of the Government of Ontario.

Screen shot of the Retail Council of Canada’s cyber secure website

The site currently links to the most recent report on the impact of cybercrime by the Retail Council, Statistics Canada, and previously published cyber security awareness articles by the US National Institute of Standards in Technology’s Small Business Cyber ​​Security Corner.

It will consist of six free webinars, the first of which arrives next week:

Ultimately, the site will include e-learning modules to train retail employees on best practices for reducing retail cybercrime, downloadable guidebooks, and videos on phishing, pharming, and threat identification, as well as preventing cybercrime. Will have links to the latest industry resources.

“With changes in the way consumers shop and shop, retailers and shoppers alike are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals who are not easy to identify, and can be anywhere,” Rui Rodrigues, Damages The Retail Council’s executive advisor for prevention and risk management, said in a statement.

“We are excited to work closely with a wider range of experts to develop tools and strategies to better protect against this nefarious activity that is unfortunately on the rise.”

The Retail Council of Canada states that it represents more than 45,000 storefronts across all retail formats, including department, grocery, specialty, discount, independent retailers and online merchants.

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