Calgary-based ad tech company launches latest version of its platform

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Calgary based Ed Tech company give a hug has launched the latest version of its platform, An Influencer Marketing platform that connects brands with Canadian influencers. It focuses on connecting small businesses with micro influencers in the country.

The new version now gives advertisers free access to a basic plan (which lets brands invite up to 50 influencers on the platform and be seen), allowing companies to quickly launch a campaign.

“Our focus is really on micro and local influencers. So all these influencers are usually between 5000 followers on the low end and then around 100,000 followers on the very high end,” said Nihad Kadoura, head of staff at Embold.

Breaking into the marketing space can be very difficult for small businesses. According to the company, many marketing solutions, such as agencies, are too expensive and not a reasonable option for small businesses with minimal marketing budgets. However, through Embold’s platform, brands will have access to influencer audience data, a suite of campaign management tools, campaign analytics, and simplified payouts. Currently, Embold only posts through Instagram, but the company has plans to launch on TikTok and YouTube soon.

Kadaura said that Embold has a total of 7,000 influencers on its platform for brands to engage with.

Here’s how it works:

Once the brand has a set idea for its campaign, it is able to invite influencers to be a part of it. It can then communicate with influencers directly from the platform. They submit their content to the platform, and the brand then reviews it. Finally, once the content is approved, it can be posted on Instagram.

Embold also provides audience data to advertisers.

“If you want to run really targeted campaigns because you only sell your product in Toronto, you can definitely do that using the platform, by only finding influencers who have an audience in Toronto. You also look at the gender divide, the languages ​​spoken by their audience and the interests of the audience, Kadoura said.

The platform is currently based in Canada only, focusing on highlighting Canadian businesses and influencers, although it is planning a funding round in the next three to six months to expand it to the Canadian market as well as the United States. permission to expand to the US. ,

Kadoura said Embold’s goal is to bring marketing and influencer access to as many brands as possible.

“We are really trying to help small businesses enter the market. If you look at other platforms, usually their pricing is much more enterprise focused, so there is a much higher barrier to entry. Breaking down and implementing an effective marketing strategy is very difficult for a small 20 person company.

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