Canada’s Artisan Candy Companies Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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candy is big Business. Confectionery companies with operations in Canada are projected to generate approximately US$16 billion in revenue by the end of 2022, and the market is expected to grow by more than 30 percent over the next five years. Big sugar dominates (Nestle, PepsiCo, and Mondelez are among the top players), but what’s most interesting about the category’s recent history is the rise of domestic sugar-focused entrepreneurs—who market Instagram-friendly, delicious Canada. -Putting manufactured products. Here, a roundup of the sweetest-tasting and sweetest-looking treats.

honey trap
Ashley Wittig’s Toronto shop, Honey, makes excellent premium plant-based ice cream. Gourmet-food shops can’t keep flavors like Niagara Grape Sorbet and Birthday Cake (the stuff in this divine sundae) in stock.
$13 a pint

a picture of cotton candy

puffs of glory
Cotton candy by Lucky Elephant, a Canadian classic from the 1950s, is having a major resurgence thanks to nostalgic hipsters who love its pure sweet punch.
from $4,

a picture of red fish candy

big fish
Vancouver’s Tara Bosch launched Smart Sweets in 2016, and in 2020 she sold it to an investment firm for US$360 million. Her Gummy Fish have less than three grams of sugar per bag.
$4 for 50 grams,

a picture of candy belt

blue (and red and yellow) ribbon
Montreal-based Squish has a thriving online business and boutiques in Hudson’s Bay stores where it sells treats in buzzy flavors like these Vegan Sour Fruit Belts.
$17 for 400g,

a picture of green gummies

served neat
Quebec brand Apéro Candy has inked deals with Walmart, Loblaws and other major retailers to sell its cocktail-flavored gummies. Above: Its Daiquiri and Mojito flavors.
$5 for 120 grams,

Chocolate Bar
The beautiful bars in Warkworth, Ontario, Center & Main, come in great flavors like Raspberry Rose Pink Peppercorn.
from $10 for 75 grams

picture of a chocolate bar

Toronto-based healthy-snack brand Handfuel offers flavor-packed blends of nuts, seeds and fruits in more than 2,400 retail outlets across the country.
$3 for 40 grams

A picture of Handfuel Nuts

Vancouver company Healthy Hippo makes plant-based non-GMO sour gummies that are sweetened with monk-fruit-juice concentrate.
$4 for 50 grams

photo of healthy hippo candy

french mix
C’est Bon Bon’s candies include gummy polar bears and sea turtles that benefit nonprofits. The brand was founded in Montreal in 2018 as a spinoff of a candy-subscription service.
from $ 4 for 150 g

A picture of C'est Bon Bon candy

super soda
Victoria-based beer maker Philips Brewery also makes flavorful craft pops. Daredevil Orange Cream is like the fabulous Creamsicle.
$7.80 for four cans

A photo of Philips Brewery Soda

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