Hashtag Trending Feb.3rd- Microsoft Azure’s tracking and notifications broken; Twitter paid API; Microsoft Teams incorporates AI

Real-time tracking and notification of spending broke on Microsoft Azure, the Twitter API is no longer free to use and Microsoft injects Team AI into its service. This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Friday, February 3rd and I’m your host, Asha Pamma. Microsoft announced that … Read more

Maritime-wide 911 outage likely a configuration issue similar to the “software bug” that disrupted Rogers internet last summer, says analyst

On Tuesday, emergency 911 service was down for two and a half hours in the early morning hours in the province of Nova Scotia and some areas of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The disruption affected landlines and some cellphones. Bell, which operates the affected 911 network, restored service at 9:30 a.m. AT A … Read more

Customer database of Canadian mortgage broker left open on internet

A Canadian mortgage broker’s database containing the personal information of thousands of people was left open on the Internet, according to security researchers. Access to related to Toronto based databases 8Twelve Financial Technologies The company was quickly banned after being notified by researcher Jeremy Folver and staff at Website Planet, which provides resources for website … Read more

Why cybercrooks love Telegram Messenger

Telegram text and video messaging service has become a “thriving ecosystem” for cybercrime and will continue to be a major challenge for security researchers and law enforcement, a new report says. It is largely used by individuals for legitimate messaging and purchases – including digital equipment, consumer loans, apparel and footwear – who appreciate it … Read more

Cyber attacks work because CISOs don’t do basic security: Microsoft

Infosec leaders are still behind on cybersecurity fundamentals, leaving their organizations unnecessarily open to attacks, says Microsoft vice president of security. Kelly Bissell told The Times that cyber attacks do not succeed because they are becoming more sophisticated CyberX CISO Forum Canada on Tuesday. “Ninety-eight percent of attacks are primary,” he said, and take advantage … Read more

Hashtag Trending Feb.2- Blind app provides info and support to laid off workers; tech CEO quotes Martin Luther King; ChatGPT for $20

PagerDuty’s CEO quotes Martin Luther King when announcing the layoffs and charges $20 per month for OpenAI ChatGPT. This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Thursday, February 2nd and I’m your host, Asha Pamma. As layoffs continue in the tech industry, laid-off employees are taking to … Read more

Why You Should Make ‘Career Cushioning’ Part of Your Job This Year

Have you ever casually browsed job boards to see what’s out there? Got a recruiter’s call even though you’re not sure you want to leave your current role anytime soon? Started side-hustling because it never hurts to have a plan B? Congratulations, you were “career cushioning”—which means you’re ready for 2023’s hottest work trend. In … Read more