Celebrate our champions in the 2023 Digital Transformation Awards

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Throughout the year, we uncover stories of success from Canadian companies. I am always amazed at the creativity, innovation and sometimes determination of companies that are facing the challenges of transforming their businesses to meet the demands of an ultra-competitive market.

Once a year, ITWC takes the opportunity to celebrate these achievements with our Digital Transformation Awards. On May 24 and 25, we will celebrate the companies and leaders who drive digital transformation.

How do we find these companies? from you!

We rely on our readers, campaigners and even the companies themselves to identify these champions. So if you know of a company that you think has done something extraordinary in the field of digital transformation, why not give it a thumbs up? digital transformation award,

Categories include:

large private sector Digital transformation among Canadian businesses employing more than 500 people.

small to medium private sector – Change within a small to medium sized business (with less than 500 employees).

large public area Hospitals, educational institutions, government departments and large municipalities are fertile ground for digital transformation.

Small Public Sector / Not for Profit Municipalities, universities, school boards and hospitals have demonstrated excellence in digital transformation. Non-profit organizations will also be recognized in this category.

digital disruption An organization that has significantly disrupted, or transformed, a market through the distinctive use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, blockchain or any other emerging technology.

Can you think of anyone who should be nominated? send them www.digitaltransformationwards.caOr go there and enroll them yourself.

need help? Just include as much information as you can, and leave a message with your email or contact information in the nomination, and someone will get back to help you.

Let’s celebrate our success and be proud of Canadian innovation!

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