ChatGPT back online after worldwide outage

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OpenAI Confirmed around 7am This morning the site of its popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, was experiencing an outage after reports of high error rates.

It said at the same time that the root cause had been identified, which was later revealed to be “elevated database CPU usage affecting the site over the past several hours”.

The problem seems to have started on Tuesday morning as the company reported high error rates across all of its services that lasted for about an hour.

The incident resurfaced on Wednesday afternoon, affecting text-davinci-003, moderation endpoints, gpt4, ChatGPT, whisper, and turbo engines. incident report downdetector increased as well, and did so again this morning when today’s outage was detected.

OpenAI said an hour later that the issue had been resolved and that it continued to monitor the ChatGPT site to ensure the incident did not recur.

Last Thursday, the Microsoft-backed company experienced a similar issue that lasted for about three hours, affecting the ChatGPT site and API clients. The company said all systems were operational “after implementing fixes to prevent similar issues in the future”.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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