Climate Neutral wins the top prize in WEtech Alliance’s ScaleUP Accelerator

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Cleantech company Climate Neutral, which develops digital tools to accelerate climate action, was awarded the top prize of C$20,000. WEtech Alliance’s Scaleup Accelerator Program,

The four-month program provides mentoring, group sessions and access to a provincial, national and global network of programs and mentors, worth over C$78,000 for each participant.

The theme of this year’s event focuses on embracing uncertainty and building resilience into business planning. Participants learn from experts how to apply financial modeling and global economic perspectives to their individual business situations.

“This program continues to be a shining example of diverse companies creating a new face for our local economy.” said Stephen McKenzie, chairman and chief executive officer of Investments Windsor Essex. “This year is no exception. With participants in automobility, healthtech, fintech and greentech, Windsor-Essex continues to be an area of ​​makers and producers. What we make and how we grow are evolving, and this Companies like the Scaleup Cohort of the Year are leading the case.”

Last week, five companies stood before a panel of seasoned investors and experts within the industry. These scaleups are part of the sixth cohort to graduate in 2022 from the award-winning Scaleup Accelerator program, initiated by WEtech Alliance and powered by Libro Credit Union and Invest Windsor Essex.

The graduating class of ScaleUp Cohort 6 includes the following five companies:

Optimotive Technologies Inc.: Windsor-based startup Optimotive focused on enabling automation for customers working in unpredictable conditions like mining. They manufacture robotic offerings that focus on automating tasks and working side by side with humans to make their day to day lives easier. Their robots work in construction, oil, gas and mining settings.

climate neutralClimate Neutral is building digital tools to accelerate climate action. They are in the process of launching their flagship software – a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management System, which automates the reporting, visualization and analysis of GHG and energy for municipalities, cities and regions. The platform aims to guide governments with the tools to track, report and update critical data annually.

A20: The A20 ecosystem lets accountants adopt remote and digital nomad work styles and take control of their income, and future goals. A20 helps accounting firms connect with their clients and reduce issues related to cost and employee turnover, while increasing control over client work, quality and efficiency.

reel outline: REEL Outline is developing solutions that assist pharmacists in the health journey of patients across various areas of care. Using REL provides opportunities for pharmacists to provide more efficient and effective clinical services such as: drug review, optimization of clinical workflow, streamlining documentation processes, integration with key resources, and promoting patient-centeredness Diversifying income while giving.

Gaia Digits: GaiaDigits, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, focused on developing its hybrid office solution, Gaia Workspace. Gaia Workspace allows customers to migrate from traditional working mode to hybrid office mode, increasing office utilization rates, improving team collaboration and creating a better work-life balance.

Kyle Bassett, founder of Climate Neutral, accepts his $20,000 prize for winning Scaleup Cohort 6 with WEtech President and team.

Climate Neutral was announced as the winner after a pitching session that measured the growth of the cohort company from start to finish of the program.

“This course means a lot to me. This win is not just a win for Climate Neutral, it is a win for the environment and all the municipalities that need it,” said Kyle Bassett, founder of Climate Neutral.

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