Coffee briefing Dec 20, 2022- City of Kitchener partners with Microsoft, Eurocom gives 20 per cent off; New Communities feature on MS Teams; and more

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City of Kitchener partners with Microsoft to bring safer sidewalks to residents

Source: City of Kitchener

city ​​of kitchener is cooperating To build apps, automations, and reports with Microsoft power platform To help the City manage work related to winter bylaws, including clearing snow and ice from City-owned facilities, requiring residents to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall, and issuing snow removal notices.

For by-law officers, this new technology reduced inspection process times, resulting in an increase in the number of inspections completed per day, as well as coordination with back-office operations with images available to staff improved, wherever they are. Additionally, notices for property owners with detailed information about bye-laws are now generated in an app in real time. The city also noted that the development process was fast, stating that the team was able to test new technology and incorporate feedback into the process in real-time.

John Amsden, manager of business solutions at the City of Kitchener, said there is opportunity to use the Power platform in other areas such as property maintenance and for other municipal requirements such as pet licensing.

Eurocom offers students and educational staff a 20 percent discount on computer systems for Christmas

Source: Eurocom

Canadian computer developer Eurocom Corporation Is offer A 20 percent discount to students, recent graduates and faculty members on any Eurocom computer system purchased between December 10 and 31, 2022, as part of the Christmas 2022 edition of the company’s educational program.

“Eurocom is very pleased with the lives we have touched and the quality of education we have improved through the Eurocom Education program. Students can now get the capable hardware they need for their studies with the Eurocom Education program,” said Eurocom President Mark Bialik.

The Eurocom Education Program applies to high school students, university or college students and graduates, as well as teachers. This discount applies to all new Eurocom laptops, supercomputers, workstations and servers purchased directly from Eurocom.

Microsoft launches new community feature on Teams

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has launched features a new community in Microsoft Teams and Essential Teams for ConsumersEnables individuals and small businesses to connect, share ideas, and collaborate with groups and teams.

Users can also post announcements to group members, organize community events, and share documents, as well as filter content to access images, videos, links, and events. Until now, Microsoft Teams for consumers only allowed users to send chat messages, initiate video calls, and share files/pictures with their friends and families.

“Whether your group is a recreational sports team, event planning committee, parent-teacher association, or even a small business, this new experience provides a digital place for all types of groups to connect before, during, and after gatherings gives.” said Manik Gupta, corporate vice president of Microsoft Teams. “Communities are currently rolling out to the free version of Microsoft Teams.”

PropTech company partners with AIR MILES

Source: self

E-Commerce Proptech Solutions for Home Buyers Self partnering with AIR MILES Rewards Program Offering consumers an opportunity to earn Reward Miles through each step of the home buying process.

Home buyers who are also AIR MILES collectors using ONLY can earn rewards by pre-qualifying and completing the home buying process online. Similarly, home builders can earn miles by designing, building and selling their properties themselves.

“AIR MILES is a household name for Canadians. Its extensive roster of leading brands gives Millions of collectors participating in the program provide a variety of opportunities for consumers Turn everyday and milestone purchases into incredible rewards from top retailers,” said Jason Hardy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Only. “I’m thrilled to be part of that list.”

New York’s transit authority will use a Hamilton-based AI startup to prevent buses from malfunctioning

Source: Pretech

metropolitan transportation authorityThe public benefit corporation responsible for New York’s public transit has announced that it will be leveraging Hamilton, Ontario-based artificial intelligence pretect To help detect operational anomalies and prevent breakdown of buses.

Pretect flags anomalies by analyzing data such as outside temperature, how full the bus is and how fast the bus is going. If a problem is detected, the bus will be sent to a depot and AI will inform the staff about a specific repair plan.

The company tested its technology on 326 buses, which sent hundreds of millions of information from sensors to the company’s servers, where the data was analyzed. The company said that in the last six months, around 50 buses were sent to the depot with a repair plan from Pretek.

Ken Sills, founder of Pretec Told The technology prevents “progressive damage”. “Where you have a small issue that can be fixed fairly cheaply with a short amount of time, if you go on, you can be prevented from damaging a very expensive component,” he said.

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Analyst says sale of Avaya product lines a real possibility if Chapter 11 filing happens

news that Avaya Holdings Corporation, May filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection imminently means that both channel partners and corporate clients are anxiously watching what will happen next.

New CEO and Vice Chair appointed in CRTC

Today, the Honorable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, announced Appointed Vicky Etrides as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Alicia Barin and Adam Scott as Vice Presidents Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC),

Government of Canada announces a blended working model for the Federal Public Service

Treasury Board Chair Mona Fortier announced on Thursday that starting next year, Canadians working for the federal public service will have to spend at least two or three days per week in the office.

Santa’s List for the IT Pro-Ho-Ho

Wondering what’s on IT pros’ Christmas lists? I asked several readers for suggestions, and here’s what they’d love for Santa to bring them. I’ve handpicked the most popular items from their lists.

Zoho Launches Blended Conversations and Updated UI for Zoho Desk

Zoho Corporation launched new tools for zoho deskAn anchor application in the company’s customer service platform.

Global government IT spending to exceed $580 billion in 2023: Gartner

In 2023, worldwide government spending will increase by 6.8 percent compared to 2022, with a total budget of US$588.9 billion, according to Gartner Inc. PredictionAs governments look to develop a coherent Total Experience Framework (TX) strategy to improve citizen experience and engagement alongside the delivery of services.

Global market for low code technologies expected to grow 20 percent in 2023: Gartner

According to Gartner Inc.There is a worldwide market for low code development technologies. Forecast A total of US$26.9 billion in 2023, representing an increase of 19.6 percent from 2022.

Ottawa-area IT firm says it has fully recovered from ransomware attack

An Ottawa-area IT services company says it has fully restored service for its customers after being hit by a strain of Cuban ransomware last week. However, he lost a day’s worth of email and data.

Constellation Software and Lumin Group Reach Agreement to Acquire WideOrbit

based in toronto Constellation Software Inc. and its subsidiary, Lumin Group Inc.has entered into a binding agreement and plan of merger with Wideorbit Inc., a US-based media vertical market software provider. Lumine Group is the acquirer of the communications and media software businesses.

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