Coffee Briefing May 23 – Vault, an online financial platform, launches; Webex partners with Voiceitt to enhance accessibility in the workplace; IBM announces US$100 million quantum deal and more

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Vault, an online financial platform for SMBs launched

archA complete online financial platform that seeks to provide a one-stop-shop for business owners to manage their money and save on costly banking fees, announced its official launch and wider availability across Canada last week.

The company said business owners can sign up for an account, and once approved, access a range of financial services without any monthly or annual fees or minimum balance requirements.

These services include:

  1. Local accounts where you can send, hold and receive funds in CAD, USD, GBP and EUR
  2. Real-time currency exchange, which the company says is “much cheaper than the big banks”.
  3. Vault Prepaid MasterCard Card with 1 percent cashback powered with Vault’s foreign exchange (FX) rates
  4. Manage transactions and expenses for team members
  5. Free domestic and international bank transfers in over 36 currencies to 180 countries
  6. Accounting integration to automate bookkeeping

The company plans to expand its offerings to include lending, savings products, payment automation, and more FX products later this year.

Angel investors in Vault include Paypal, Google Pay, Affirm, BNY Mellon, Airbnb, Coinbase, Revolut and Robinhood. The company also secured C$5,000,000 in funding co-led by Fin Capital and Gradient Ventures.

Users spending less time on apps with poor connectivity: OpenSignal

According to A new report from OpenSignalApp retention rates are as low as about 50 percent for users who have seen persistent poor connectivity pulling down mobile app business.

“Nearly all apps are monetized either through in-app purchases or ads, and both business models require people to continue using the app,” the report said.

But with poor mobile connectivity, users spend 20 percent less time on apps and with poor Wi-Fi, it’s even higher — 38 percent less time.

Accordingly, video players, lifestyle and navigation apps see the biggest declines in app session duration, the report shows.

The report states that app developers and publishers should focus on improving users’ experience during the time spent with poor connectivity so that they can increase advertising, in-app and subscription revenue.

Webex partners with Voiceitt to enhance workplace accessibility

Source: Engadget

cisco collaboration tools, Webex Announces Partnership With VoiceittA speech recognition technology to enhance accessibility for people with non-standard speech.

The new integration uses AI captioning and transcription from Voiceit to ensure that people with speech impairments are able to speak and be understood in virtual meetings.

Voiceitt’s technology is based on machine learning algorithms that are continuously learning from a growing database of individual users’ speech.

“Integration with Webex is game-changing because it creates more independence for users with disabilities while increasing the potential for more collaborative, inclusive work environments. True collaboration means everyone has a voice at the table,” said Cisco said Sarah Smalley, co-founder and vice president, strategic partnerships, Voiceit.

Voiceit for Webex is now available in Webex Hub. Later this year, it will include closed captioning capabilities for transcription accuracy.

IBM announces US$100 million initiative to develop quantum-focused supercomputer

At the G7 Summit in Japan, tech giant IBM announced A 10-year, US$100 million initiative in partnership with the University of Tokyo and the University of Chicago to develop a quantum-focused supercomputer.

The new supercomputer, powered by 100,000 qubits, will work to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change.

For example, it could unlock new understanding of chemical reactions that could help researchers develop better ways to capture carbon or find materials to make batteries for electric vehicles.

Going forward, IBM intends to partner with more laboratories that are able to offer the expertise and resources needed to deliver technologies to build quantum-focused supercomputers.

Arvind Krishna said, “We have made significant progress with our roadmap and mission to establish globally useful quantum technology, so much so that we are now looking forward, with our partners, to explore a new class of truly quantum-powered supercomputing.” And can start to develop.” Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IBM.

Continuity Centers Announces New Backblaze-Powered Disaster Recovery Service

disaster recovery solution provider continuity center has announced Cloud Instant Business Recovery (Cloud IBR), a new disaster recovery service built on cloud storage and data backup company Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage,

Cloud IBR seeks to simplify disaster recovery plans for small to medium-sized businesses with its easy-to-use interface and affordability, backblaze Said.

Fully automated service deploy via a web user interface and recovery process used in the background PhoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud Servers To import Veeam backups stored in Backblaze B2 cloud storage and completely restore a customer’s server infrastructure.

The Cloud IBR Silver package will be free for one year for any Veeam customers who purchase Backblaze’s B2 Reserve. Those customers can activate Cloud IBR within 30 days of purchasing Backblaze’s B2 Reserve service.

“Launching Cloud IBR is taking our technology a step further in making disaster recovery from ransomware more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses at a time when it is needed more than ever,” said Sales. said Nilay Patel, co-founder and vice president of Backblaze. “We are excited to work with a disaster recovery specialist like Continuity Centers to bring a simple and affordable disaster recovery solution to the businesses that need it most.”

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Meta fined US$1.3B over GDPR data privacy breaches

Meta has been fined a record 1.2 billion euros (US$1.3 billion) by the European Union following an investigation into Facebook’s transfer of personal data since July 2020.

Minister Champagne Speaks to LG-Stellentis After the US Semiconductor Conference

On Friday, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne discussed the latest update on the federal government’s bid to keep automaker Stellantis out of building NextStar Energy, an electric-vehicle (EV) battery plant in Windsor, Ontario.

Acronis says its new EDR offering will simplify endpoint protection

Swiss Cyber ​​Security Vendor Acronis International GmbH Acronis Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) launched this week, it said, is targeted at managed service providers (MSPs) and the businesses they serve to deploy improved security and data protection .

Google’s privacy sandbox API set to roll out to all Chrome users in July

Google announced today that its Privacy Sandbox API will be available by default to all Chrome users in July 2023.

Surrey’s Safe Software rebrands, sets aggressive revenue target

There aren’t many 30-year-old software firms whose founders can say they’ve never taken outside investment or debt, and that are still wholly owned by them, but software-as-a-service (SaaS) Same is the case with) Atal secure software,

The Key to a Thriving Partner Program: Avoid This Trio of Pitfalls

Jonathan Eisner, Chief Channel Officer and Vice President of Global Alliances sovosA company that designs and develops tax compliance and business-to-government reporting software says there are three signals channel chiefs need to watch as they begin building a partner program or are already running one. .

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