Coffee Briefing November 15, 2022 – Walmart and Telus Health partner up; 30 per cent of ad traffic on certain browsers is bot-generated; Calgary’s Launch Party to spotlight 10 tech startups; and more

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Photomath is helping students solve tricky equations
Source: photomath

photomathA math learning app for grade school through college students, provides step-by-step solutions and tutorials to help students understand ‘how’ the equation is accomplished, and ‘why’ each step needs to be taken .

It uses AI photo recognition technology to help students understand complex math problems by simply scanning a problem with their smartphone. According to a recent study by Photomath, 79% of parents said they feel learning apps can serve as a great tool for their children.

The basic app is free for all users and is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Users can pay to upgrade their apps with more in-depth explanations and additional features.

Walmart Canada and Telus Health partner to provide virtual health and wellness services to Walmart associates

Walmart Canada And telus health announced a new strategic initiative to bring TELUS Health’s full suite of total health and wellness solutions, including virtual care, employee enablement and wellness, to all Walmart associates in Canada. These services will give Walmart Canada associates and their families confidential access to hundreds of healthcare professionals.

Associates will have access to counseling on a variety of topics such as mental health, nutrition advice, and more. The partnership also offers virtual consultations and services with a therapist to help them improve their lifestyle habits through weight loss, more exercise, or better eating.

Associates can access the TELUS Health suite of solutions in French and English 24/7 via a smartphone app or direct telephone number. They will also be able to access services in 220 other languages ​​and dialects through specialized translation services.

Study finds nearly 30 percent of ad traffic on some browsers is bot-generated

Source: Emiles Vanags | Getty Images

A study shows that about 30 percent of advertising traffic is on Yandex And Opera The browser is bot-generated.

Threat actors are using computer-generated bots to replicate the actions of real customers and fool advertisers into paying for ad traffic. Various methods are used to generate false traffic, such as infecting customers’ personal computers and phones with malware that loads websites without their knowledge, or even infecting cloud services. Is.

research by Fraudan ad fraud prevention company, found that on average 21 percent of traffic advertisers pay for is driven by computers and scripts, not real people.

It found that the highest percentage of illegal traffic comes through the Russia-based Yandex browser. The report showed that nearly one out of three ad impressions that landed on Yandex was from a non-human. Opera browser is also popular for fraudulent traffic. Over 26.3 percent of ad traffic coming through the Opera search engine was labeled as “non-human”.

Only 13.5 percent of traffic from Mozilla Firefox was computer generated.

Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft Edge were similar in terms of percentage of bot traffic, at about 20 percent.

Calgary’s annual launch party will highlight 10 tech startups

Ten Calgary-based startups involved in everything from nanotech healthcare offerings to personalized digital real estate transactions will attend the 13th annual conference launch party, where they will also make their pitch to investors and the larger innovation community. Organized by Platform Calgary, will be held during the November 24 event Innovation Week YYCDescribed by the organizers as the city’s annual “tech-sector festival”.

Innovation Week, he says, “highlights the diversity and depth of what is happening in innovation and technology in Calgary, and celebrates the people and ideas.”

Inducted companies are nominated by the Calgary Innovation Community and selected by a committee of three alumni founders from the launch party.

To be selected, companies must have been in operation for less than three years, be revenue positive and demonstrate growth potential (among other criteria). Three awards will be awarded: the People’s Choice Award, the Alumni Choice Award, and the Alex Raczenko Pitch Award.

Companies running this year include Carat, Communal, iBuild Applications, Quickly, Reserve Plus, Nanotes, Propra, Waitwell, Wild Rose Mining and The Smart Benefit.

More information about each can be found by accessing Contact,

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Ransomware disguised as word documents. Why do we need to train users to pay careful attention.

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Staying informed is a constant challenge. So much to do, and so little time. But we’ve got you covered. Have a coffee and high five while munching on these little things.

Reports stir after Sobe’s supermarket parent admits ‘IT systems issue’

According to one news site, one of Canada’s largest supermarket chains was affected by the Black Basta strain of ransomware a week ago.

TCS, UofT plan to create ‘urban data set’ for smart cities

Data is needed to build a smart city, because without it, there is no way to develop online programs and services designed to help residents. counseling center Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) notes that municipalities around the world have access to vast sources of urban data that have the potential to improve the citizen experience – from sensors on bridges and other IoT sources to new online databases of public information.

EXFO to open 5G Center of Excellence in Montreal

EXFO, a Quebec company specializing in test, monitoring and analysis for the telecommunications sector, is set to establish a 5G Center of Excellence in Montreal and create 50 specialized jobs, most located in the city. Funding for the initiative is provided by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada in the form of a $15.9 million grant as part of its Strategic Innovation Fund.

2022 HardTech Conference highlights supply chain issues in the semiconductor industry and the need for government support

Tech Hub in Markham venturelab held its second annual event hardtack Summit, bringing together technology leaders to highlight hardware and semiconductor innovation in Canada. email attachments will count towards OneDrive storage from next year

In an email update for Microsoft account holders, Microsoft announced He From February 1, 2023, email attachments will be counted in Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

Apple iPhone 14 production slows significantly due to factory shutdown in China

Apple has announced that China’s COVID quarantine measures have shut down a major iPhone assembly facility, significantly limiting its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max production capabilities.

IBM and Net Zero Atlantic Partner to Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition for Indigenous Communities

today IBM announced its new members IBM Sustainability Accelerator program, with the Halifax-based net zero atlantic As one of five organizations selected by the company to be part of its Clean Energy Group.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover: What Happens to the Platform?

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the fate of the social media platform is now up in the air.

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