Communikit platform helps launch apps for Indigenous communities in Canada

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Through Communications SaaS Mobile App Service, The leadership of the Lucky Man Cree Nation and Blackfoot Nation of Canai (also known as the Blood Tribe) Launched new mobile applications to communicate with its members and enhance community engagement.

Communicit, created by Ivia Incis an advanced mobile app platform built specifically for Indigenous communities and nations to connect with their members on and off-reserve. It currently serves over 20,000 users spread across over 80 countries and Indigenous organizations in Canada.

Blood Tribe’s app will be used to distribute important information such as emergency alerts, announcements, event notices, fillable forms, job opportunities and resources. The platform allows sharing of virtually any type of information.

“The Blood Tribe App provides our members with a more user-friendly experience when accessing services and information from the tribe,” said Councilor Pinnakoyam Tailfeather. “Through technology we are now able to remove some of the communication barriers of the past. We live in a new era where almost all of our members have a mobile device, so they can stay connected everyday.”

The Lucky Man Cree Nation app allows all members with a device to receive updates from the band office directly through the app.

“We are a small nation – almost all of our registered membership is spread across Canada,” explained Chief Crystal Okemo. “We needed a fast and easy way to message our people at any time, and an app gives us that.”

The Lucky Man Cree Nation app sends notifications to advise users of meetings, events, votes, community news, emergency alerts, and other important announcements.

Push notifications are also an ideal way to distribute resources and request data from them – quickly, easily and privately.

Ease of use was also a concern in choosing communications equipment, according to IT technician Richard Okemo.

“We have a lot of veterans and other members who are less technically inclined,” he said, “so making sure the app is intuitive was very important to us. Even with our members directly from the technical team Phone and email support is also available if they need help at any point of time.

The Lucky Man Cree Nation app and the official Blood Tribe app support both iOS and Android, and are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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