Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy, 2022


2022-09-09 | 18:57h
2022-09-24 | 16:17h
Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy, 2022

The Council of Ministers, Govt. of NCT of Delhi approved the Delhi Electric
Vehicles Policy vide Cabinet Decision No.2796 dated 23.12.2019. The policy has
now been notified with immediate effect and a copy of the same is enclosed
herewith for kind information, please.

The policy is proposed to be implemented through the following verticals:
a) Financial Incentives – Purchase incentives, Scrapping incentives, Interest
subvention on loans.


b) Waiver of road tax and registration fees.

c) Establishment of a wide network of charging stations and swappable
battery stations, and the development of a publicly owned database of the

d) Administration of the policy including the constitution of State Electric
Vehicle Board, the establishment of a dedicated EV cell, and developing an
intensive public outreach programme focused on creating the awareness
about the benefits of electric vehicles and key elements of the policy.


e) Setting up of Skill Centers with provision for training related to jobs in the
EV eco-system and creation of jobs

f) Setting up of Recycling Ecosystem for Batteries

g) Creation of an umbrella, non-lapsable ‘State EV Fund’, to be funded through the air ambiance fund, levy of additional taxes, cess,fee etc. on inefficient or polluting vehicles


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