Dell announces major telecom partner initiative at MWC 2023

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dell technologies unveiled an initiative in Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona said it was “designed to simplify today’s different telecommunications landscape.”

This simplification will occur, it said, through Dell’s open telecom ecosystem community that will bring together telecom partners and communications service providers (CSPs) to take advantage of. Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab To accelerate the delivery of telecom offerings.

As part of the announcement, the company revealed new collaborations with technology partners mdocs, juniper network, Nokia, Qualcomm, Microsoft And SAMSUNG To accelerate the adoption of open, cloud-native technologies.

“The telecommunications industry is transforming into an open and application-agnostic ecosystem, enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to integrate innovative applications and services into their networks and provide more revenue-generating services to their customers,” Dell said in a release. allows to do.

“Multicloud technologies have become a fundamental pillar to support this ecosystem, eliminating vendor-siloed infrastructure stacks, providing efficient operations and future-proofing networks to pave the way for 6G and beyond Developing the Foundation.

The agreement with Microsoft will see the two organizations collaborate on a strategy to “redefine the deployment and operation” of multicloud disaggregated networks.

“Network operators are looking to adopt cloud technology to modernize and monetize networks, reduce network total cost of ownership, drive operational efficiency, and improve resiliency and security,” said Azure Corporate Vice President for Operators at Microsoft Yousef Khalidi said. “Our collaboration with Dell helps provide an innovative, carrier-grade platform to operators who want to deploy next-generation network technology.”

The details of the other five partnerships are as follows:

  • Nokia and Dell have entered into an agreement to integrate and validate an offering consisting of Nokia’s 5G Cloud RAN ().radio access network) software and Cloud RAN SmartNIC in-line Layer 1 accelerator card, including Dell’s open infrastructure Dell PowerEdge Server,
  • Dell and Samsung are collaborating to address Open RAN challenges and support what they describe as “seamless multi-vendor solution integration.” Samsung will team up with Dell to integrate Samsung Virtualized Central Unit (vCU) and Virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU) Software with Dell PowerEdge XR8000 and XR5610 servers, which are purpose-built for RAN environments and provide the performance and power consumption characteristics required in RAN deployments.
  • Qualcomm and Dell are collaborating to develop a 5G Virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU). Dell PowerEdge XR8000 and XR5610 servers, purpose-built for telecom and enterprise edge use cases, combined with commercial-grade Layer 1 software with Qualcomm X100 5G RAN accelerator cards, a high-performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution provide. OEMs and network operators are deploying virtualized and open RAN technologies, it said in a release.
  • Dell and Amdocs are working together to accelerate the deployment of 5G stand-alone (5G SA) core networks.
  • Dell is collaborating with Juniper on offering a certified product that “provides a simple and straightforward path to server consolidation and power reduction at cell sites.” CSP aims to meet the growing demands of a digitally connected world. reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Dennis Hoffman, who leads the telecom systems business at Dell, said CSPs “want to use open solutions in their networks that allow them to take advantage of different combinations of hardware and software to meet the specific needs of their network services.” The RAN portion of the network requires specific features from the infrastructure and software to support this highly demanding, business-critical workload.

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