Deloitte Canada launches its first generative AI lab program

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deloitte canada Talking with Generative AI (GenAI) a new program With an aim to educate and train organizations to use GenAI and its associated applications.

Its Generative AI Lab program is a two-lab session that provides participants with a comprehensive hands-on experience where they can prototype, test and vet their ideas while being supported by Deloitte leaders and AI experts.

“With the recent upswing in the development of disruptive technology like Generative AI, we are helping and inspiring Canadian organizations to unlock all the possibilities, equipping them with the necessary industry knowledge, infrastructure and cloud services to develop GenAI , training and deployment. models safely, ethically and effectively that serve us all in an era of digital transformation,” said Anthony Weil, Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Canada.

As more organizations around the world jump on the AI ​​bandwagon, Deloitte wants to help them introduce this technology to help them solve their most urgent business challenges. The program will explore the benefits and risks, and identify high-impact use cases in finance, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail and other industries.

The Deloitte Generative AI Lab program will be powered by the latest AI technology from industry leaders like Fog and Nvidia.

Participants will also be supported by Deloitte Trusted AI Framework To help establish safety measures and ethical priorities during product development. moreover, deloitte legal Will assure that AI adoption of organizations is compliant and strategic.

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