Elon Musk met Apple CEO Tim Cook to talk about Twitter and here’s what happened

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Elon Musk visited Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino and met with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The meeting comes a day after Musk almost declared ‘war’ with the tech giant over a 30 per cent tax on purchases made on Apple’s App Store application.

On Wednesday, Musk met Cook and also shared a video of the Apple headquarters. He claimed that the situation has been resolved in another tweet. Musk claimed that his “misunderstanding” about Twitter’s possible removal from the App Store has been resolved. According to Musk, Apple has never considered it before.

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Musk said in a tweet, “Good conversation. Among other things, we cleared up misunderstandings about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store.” Tim was clear that Apple has never considered doing this.

The surprising U-turn comes after Musk shared a photo showing he’d rather ‘Go to war’ with Apple Instead of paying 30 per cent tax. However, the billionaire deleted several of his tweets against the company after a few hours. oysters also called for a ‘The Battle for the Future of Civilization’.

It is unclear what else transpired between the two gentlemen who are at the helm of some of the world’s biggest companies. Musk had previously claimed that Apple has stopped all advertising on Twitter but it is still unclear whether this issue has been resolved as well.

Plans to relaunch Twitter Blue

Elon Musk had changed the date for the relaunch of the new Twitter Blue ‘Verified’ subscriptions from December 2. If Apple and Twitter were at loggerheads, the launch would not have been possible. With the situation ‘resolved’ we can expect Musk to stick to his schedule for Friday’s launch. New verified memberships will have different colored ticks to indicate whether the account belongs to a company or an individual.

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