Empowering Web Teams with WebOps

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Christy Marble has done many adventures in her 25-year career as a marketing executive. Now in her third CMO role as Head of Marketing with Pantheon, she understands the power that comes from changing the way organizations deliver value through their most important digital assets – their websites.

“Your website is a great example of how customers and potential customers reach you on the Internet,” says Marble. “The irony is that it’s actually slower for most companies to update their websites than it is for them to produce their products.”

Marble joins ITWC CMO von Annan in January 2023 for an installment of CMO Talks, a podcast series designed by ITWC to showcase strategies for achieving competitive edge through the intersection of marketing and technology . Their discussion focused on enhancing the webOps (website operations) category, led by Pantheon, in a way that allows cross-functional clients and departments to collaborate quickly and efficiently.

Front row seats for increased productivity

“I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit in the front row of how organizations are using Pantheon’s software to build websites that really make an impact,” says Marble. “We build technology that reimagines the way web teams work, making life better for digital
manufacturer, and frees them to deliver experiences they are proud of. Our goal is to simplify the complexity of all the elements that go into high-performing, highly successful website strategies in a way that brings value to the company.

Marble describes the World Pantheon team as champions of the open web and says he doesn’t believe businesses need to acquire multiple different software. The point she makes is that there are great tools and systems that people can put on top of their web ops stack and Pantheon provides the backbone for that.

an emerging category

In response to a question from Annan about what makes Pantheon different from other platforms involved in building websites, Marble explained its commitment to building best-in-class WordPress and Drupal sites with scalable infrastructure and an impressively fast content delivery network. Indicates capability. She emphasizes the company’s commitment to testing, developing, changing, and innovating while websites are still live. “One difference for us is that we have multiple developer website experiences and workflows, which allows people to continue working,” she says.

On the topic of WebOps building out as a new category, Marble is excited about the potential to bring together a dynamic team of players, everyone from developers and designers to content editors and marketing system engineers who call themselves website experts. Can’t even agree. “It’s really a way of thinking about continuous improvement, agility, collaboration, testing and learning,” she says, “and then challenging yourself to see what might work better.”

As the podcast ends, Marble shares his desire to be one of the many people inside the company who are more attuned to the customer than the product. To that end, she advises CMOs to focus on the user experience, strive for a product that people love, and identify and empower their customers. His final suggestion is to pay close attention to business metrics, and use them to stop doing the things that aren’t growing the business and double down on the things that are.

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