Ericsson announces new quantum research hub in Montreal

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Today, the telecom giant Ericsson announced that it has established a new quantum research center in Montreal as part of its aim to best integrate quantum technologies into Canada’s communications networks. The company will partner with the University of Ottawa and the University of Sherbrooke to advance quantum research projects.

“At Ericsson Research, we are exploring the future of communications using quantum computing, which we call the Network Compute Fabric, to provide a unified, unified execution environment for large-scale distributed intelligent applications.” said Magnus Frödigh, vice president and head of Ericsson Research. “The goal includes, but is not limited to, the exploration of quantum technologies, which can have an exponential impact on computation time and memory footprint for solving challenging communication problems.”

non profit Mitacs Will support the attraction, training, retention and deployment of personnel in quantum science through internship experiences and professional skills development. The intern will work with researchers from Ericsson Canada and the University of Ottawa. Ericsson will pair its researchers with post-doctoral fellows at universities to undertake fellowships at Ericsson.

With these partnerships, Ericsson seeks to translate quantum research into business innovations and economic benefits that support the adoption of Made in Canada solutions by businesses.

According to a study conducted by the National Council of Research (NRC) In 2020, it is projected that, by 2045, the Canadian quantum industry will be a US$139 billion industry and will be responsible for 209,200 jobs.

Earlier this year, the Government of Canada had also announced National Quantum Strategy launchedBacked by an investment of C$360 million.

“Quantum technologies will shape the course of our future and Canada is at the forefront, leading the world in this emerging technology.” Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said the establishment of Ericsson’s new quantum research hub would foster partnerships between industry, government and academia.

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