Exclusive|Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen is bullish on India becoming a manufacturing hub

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India will become the third largest economy in the next six years, said Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte Global, in an exclusive interview. The Indian-origin CEO believes that going forward, India is going to witness multidimensional growth.

Asked whether people globally see India as a potential manufacturing destination, Indian-American Renzen says: “I don’t see any reason why India shouldn’t be taking advantage of the restructuring of supply chains that has come through the pandemic.” Why can’t you pick it up?”

Keeping in mind the restructuring of supply chains, Renzen is excited about India becoming a manufacturing hub.

Speaking exclusively to Udayan Mukherjee, Global Business Editor, Business Today TV, Renzen said, “Supply chains and restructuring of supply chains, where India has a large capability base, large domestic market and the need to be flexible There must be a destination. Delivery method Apple is setting up a facility in Tamil Nadu and the expansion of that facility is a good example.

As Deloitte Global CEO since 2015, Renzen has developed and executed a global strategy that has resulted in Deloitte’s revenue growing from $35 billion to more than $59 billion in just seven years.

Renzen also leads Deloitte’s World Climate Initiative, which includes near-term (2030) greenhouse gas reduction targets that have been validated as 1.5°C-aligned by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).

Renzen said, “We’ve certainly changed the way we work, the way we travel, our buildings, we’ve trained our 400,000 professionals with the proper education, so they can change behavior and impact their communities.”

“We buy a lot of things and we are working with our suppliers to make sure they are in line with the commitments we have made. And, I see this happen in all the forums I participate in across the board of business. Increasingly, businesses not only recognize that there is a climate emergency, but they are now making the necessary efforts to make change,” said the Indian-American CEO.

Talking about mental health, Renzen said, now companies need to accept mental health like any other aspect of health and talk about it openly.

He said that organizations now need to make efforts to enable people to overcome the issues that come with mental stress, be it external, epistemological or internal. “We need to design programs so that we can move forward and address mental health, but it will take sustained effort. One silver lining of the pandemic was that we learned to acknowledge and talk about mental health. started doing and kept it at the right level. Within a corporation if you are not mentally sound, [and] Only healthy individuals are working for your business, you won’t get the best of them,” Renzen insisted.

Renjen, still considers himself a “boy from Rohtak”, made it big in the land of opportunity. He is the first Asian to lead the biggest of the Big Four global professional services firms. Renzen recently announced that he will be retiring as Deloitte Global CEO on December 31st and will be replaced by Joe Ukuzoglu. Renjen will now become Global CEO Emeritus.Read also: This CEO shared a Netflix themed resume on LinkedIn; Here’s how users reacted

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