FBI detects, contains cyber attack on New York office: News reports

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The FBI handled the attack on its IT systems, CNN reported today.

The US federal law enforcement agency told the news organization that the incident involved an FBI computer system used in the investigation of images of child sexual abuse.

Two sources told CNN that the attack involved the FBI New York field office – one of the bureau’s largest offices. According to a source, the origin of the hacking incident is still under investigation.

known as tech crunchThis isn’t the first time the FBI has been compromised. In November 2021, a dangerous actor tampered with FBI’s external email system for sending thousands of spam emails warning of fake cyberattacks to hundreds of thousands of organizations.

The FBI is one of the nation’s leading agencies — along with the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — to go after threat agents. The FBI disclosed in January Its employees penetrated the Hive ransomware gang’s computer network last summer, captured its decryption keys and offered them to victims around the world to decrypt their scrambled data.

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