The DOJ press release includes this graphic detailing how Google allegedly dominates the buying and selling of online ads:

States alleging Google’s anti-competitive conduct include:

  • Getting Competitive: engaging in a pattern of takeovers to gain control of major digital advertising tools used by website publishers to sell advertising space;
  • To force adoption of Google’s tools: locking website publishers into their newly acquired equipment, by limiting advertiser unique, mandatory demand for their ad exchange and, in turn, conditioning effective real-time access to their ad exchange on the use of their publisher ad servers;
  • Distorted Auction Competition: limit real-time bidding on publisher inventory for its ad exchange, and inhibit the ability of rival ad exchanges to compete on equal terms with Google’s ad exchange; And
  • Auction Manipulation: Manipulating the auction mechanism in many of its products to protect Google from competition, massively depriving rivals and preventing the rise of rival technologies.