Happy holiday gift guide: Part four

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Its that time of year again. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and gift buying is probably overwhelming your mind. If you’re stuck on what to buy and need some inspiration, take a look at part four of our holiday gift guide.

amazon kindle scribe

Source: Amazon

If you’re unsure about introducing e-books to an avid reader in your family, Amazon’s Kindle series may be your best option. the kindle Accountant It also marks Amazon’s long-awaited foray into the e-note arena. “Feels like writing on paper”, claims Amazon. Readers can jot down their thoughts, annotate documents and to-dos on their eBooks without constant phone or tablet notifications. Expect classic e-reader features including adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light, and USB-C charging, which is advertised as “designed to last for months.” Priced at $429, the Scribe is available in tungsten with 16, 32 or 64GB of storage, and comes with a battery-free basic pen or premium pen that includes an eraser and customizable shortcut buttons.

charge 6

Source: Amazon

An inexpensive yet essential addition to the family member juggling individual cables for their multiple devices. charge 6 A 3 x 1 inch, 27 gram-light universal cable with connectors that include USB, USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning charging connectors. This universal cable supports simultaneous charging along with power transfer from one smartphone to another and from one smartphone to other types of portable devices. With the device’s magnetic attachments, the connectors can be snapped back together to hang on a key ring. Available on Amazon in Mercury Grey, Mercury Gray Max, Moonwhite and Saturn Gold, this product is manufactured and sold by Chinese smart home products company Wasserstein Home for C$27.



Granted, it’s a dystopian look, and probably the most predictable technology we can expect after the pandemic and its caravan of variants, but it could be useful. Priced at US$200, XUPERMASK Features include active 3 speed dual fans, 30 day replaceable HEPA filter, noise canceling audio, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated noise reduction microphone, adjustable ergonomic headstraps, glowlights and many more. The mask is advertised as being made of comfortable fabric and having a battery life of 7 hours on a single charge. XUPERMASK was launched in 2021 by singer will.i.am in association with multinational corporation Honeywell.


Source: Therabody

Have a fitness freak in the family who has overly tight muscles, or a remote worker who suffers from poor hip mobility from sitting at their desk all day? theragun Could be a real game changer. It is a massage tool that vibrates and digs deep into muscles to provide pain relief, maximize recovery and promote mobility. The Theragun features a multi-grip triangle handle, so you can target up to 80 percent of your body. Developed by Therabody, Theragun offers Pro, Elite, Prime and Mini models at C$599, C$399, C$249, C$189 respectively.

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