Hashtag Trending Dec 14 – Scientist achieve fusion energy, Tesla approval ratings fall, Bahamas govt wants back $250 million spent by FTX on the island’s real estate

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Scientists achieved nuclear fusion with 192 lasers, Tesla’s approval rating plummeted, and the Bahamas government claimed to have returned $256 million spent by FTX on the island’s real estate.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Wednesday, December 14th and I’m your host, Samira Balsara.

The New York Times reports that researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have achieved a major milestone in reproducing the power of the Sun or fusion, the nuclear reaction that makes stars shine. The breakthrough, announced yesterday, is the first fusion reaction in a laboratory setting and produced more energy than it took to start the reaction. The experiment took 192 massive lasers to blast through a small cylinder containing a frozen nubbin of hydrogen, resulting in a flood of neutron particles, the product of fusion. This experiment represents the possibilities of taking advantage of fusion as a clean energy source.

Source: new York Times

FTX executives spent $256 million on 35 properties in New Providence, Bahamas. Now the island’s regulators are attempting to take back the assets, claiming that returning the assets to FTX’s US bankruptcy protection proceedings would be illegal and ineffective under Bahamas law. Bahamian lawyers are arguing that because all assets were in the Bahamas, and because “Bahamian law does not permit recognition of a foreign bankruptcy proceeding for a Bahamian company” that the US bankruptcy proceedings should be suspended and the Bahamas regulators should be allowed to assume complete control of the Bahamian real estate process. The move will bolster FTX’s US attorneys, who are committed to maximizing recoveries for FTX clients in the US and abroad.

Source: cnbc

According to UK research firm YouGov, Tesla’s approval rating is moving into the negative zone. The firm, which conducts daily surveys to monitor consumers’ perceptions of popular brands, reported that Tesla began 2022 with a net positive score of 5.9 percent, but fell to -1.4 percent in early November. YouGov said politics had something to do with it. Liberals are more likely to view Tesla negatively than conservatives. On average, however, even conservatives have a negative view of Elon Musk’s carmaker. Some reports suggest that Musk’s involvement in Twitter has been negative for Tesla.

Source: market observation

A recent analysis of millions of teleconference meetings by teleconferencing and collaboration analytics company Vyopta shows that remote workers increased their engagement with colleagues between 2020 and 2022, contrary to previous assumptions, TechSpot reports. The company collected metadata from Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex conferences from 10 large global companies. The report shows that employees are now participating in more meetings and companies have increased the number of meetings held and decreased the duration of those teleconferences as compared to 2020. Immediate, face-to-face meetings are set to increase by 20 percent in 2022, suggesting that these meetings may mimic the frequent-but-brief personal interactions in offices.

Source: techspot

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