Hashtag Trending Dec 15 – U.S. TikTok ban; Facebook lawsuit; Third party apps in App Store

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Will America ban Tiktok? Facebook is facing another lawsuit and Apple may let its users download third-party apps on iOS.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Thursday December 15th and I’m your host, Aashi Pamma.

Democrats and Republicans have come together to unveil bipartisan legislation that would ban TikTok in the US Representatives and Senate have expressed their concerns about the app, saying they consider it a threat to national security.

The bill, unveiled by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, would block “any social media company based in or under the influence of” China and other hostile foreign countries, including Russia. The move could put TikTok in line for a complete ban. Under the measure, President Joe Biden could impose sanctions on TikTok and other social media companies to prevent commercial operations in the US, according to reports sky News,

A new lawsuit is accusing Facebook of playing a role in political violence in Africa and seeking to hold it accountable, seeking more than $2 billion in reparations funds and major changes to the service’s content moderation efforts in the continent doing. The class-action lawsuit was filed in Nairobi, Kenya, and accused the company of monetizing the viral potential of hate and violence in conflict-torn Ethiopia, in violation of more than 10 articles of Kenya’s constitution. It has also been alleged that the company does not devote enough resources to content moderation on the continent compared to the US. nbc news reports that one of the plaintiffs, an Ethiopian professor seeking political asylum in the U.S., alleges that his father was killed last year by militants during the ongoing civil conflict in Ethiopia, thanks to an account spreading on Facebook. Was as a result of provocation.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is planning to let users install alternative app Store on iOS. Until this report, Apple has only allowed iPhone and iPad users to download apps from the App Store. The plans are reportedly being fueled by the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which is designed to create “rules to ensure open markets for digital gatekeepers” when its restrictions become a requirement in 2024. . With this law, Apple is not only allowing third-party app stores but also sideloading – letting users install software downloaded from the web.

Denver-based startup Boom, the supersonic ultra-high-speed airliner, is now planning an engine. This week it announced that its future Overture jet will be powered by Symphony, the new boom-based propulsion system that will be “designed and optimized” for the aircraft. Inside reports suggest it will partner with three entities to bring the engine to life, including Florida Turbine Technologies, StandardAero for maintenance, and General Electric subsidiary GE Additive. BOOM says the Overture will begin production in 2024. Its first flight is scheduled for 2027, with type certification expected by 2029.

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