Hashtag Trending Dec 20 – IRS releases private data; Big tech tops list for companies with low retention rates; South Australia powers with green energy

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The IRS accidentally releases private data, Amazon and Reddit enter the list of companies with the lowest retention rates, and South Australia powers the state with green energy for a week.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Tuesday, December 20th and I’m your host, Aashi Pamma.

Confidential data on more than 100,000 taxpayers inadvertently published by the IRS over the summer was accidentally republished in late November and remained online this month. According to the IRS, data from Form 990-T that was supposed to remain private was taken offline, but returned to the IRS site. When a contractor uploaded an old file containing much of the private information, the agency had to make it non-existent. Form 990-TS filed by for-profit groups is available online, but it supposedly keeps forms filed by individuals private. According to Bloomberg, an internal programming error caused private forms filed by nonprofit groups to be released in September as well. In a letter to Congressional leaders last week, this time, the contractor tasked with managing the database re-uploaded the old file with the original data instead of a new one that filters out forms that remain private. Was.

a report from work and money Reveals the tech companies with the lowest retention rates. Shopify and ByteDance tied for 14th place out of 19 companies, citing long working hours and overwork for the low scores. Meta was ranked 12th with employees claiming the workplace is not a positive environment. Other notable tech companies on the list include Alphabet, Zoom, Reddit and Amazon. Amazon lists employee burnout and extremely low pay.

South Australia has been effectively powered by green energy for a week and one expert is predicting this could extend to a month by 2023. From December 12 to 19, data from the National Energy Market showed wind and solar contributed an average of 103.5 percent toward the state. energy demand. Coal energy was not used at all during this period and gas accounted for 5.9 percent of electricity when renewable sources were not enough to power the state overnight. The average cost of a megawatt hour dropped to -26.35 dollars. In addition, ABC News reported that Bruce Mountain, head of the Victoria Energy Policy Center at the University of Victoria, said the milestone is another step on the renewable energy journey. He said South Australia could potentially see the state powered using green energy for a month by early next year.

A new artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT has the ability to solve math problems, write college essays and research papers. However, after the lesson-based system was released to the public last month, some educators have noted that these AI systems have the potential to transform education in good and bad ways. According to NPR, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business named Ethan Malik said the tool has become a popular way to help students cheat by stealing AI-written work. But it also has its advantages. Malik uses it as his teacher’s assistant to help him prepare courses, lectures, assignments and grading rubrics for MBA students.

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