Hashtag Trending Dec 5 – Startup promises flying car by 2025; U.S. group asks for more semiconductor funding; Amazon layoffs

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Tesla investor-backed startup promises a flying car model, US federal semiconductor aid seeks more funding, and Amazon will lay off nearly 20,000 workers.

For all these tech news trending right now, welcome to Trending Hashtags. It’s Monday, December 5th and I’m your host, Sameera Balsara.

Aleph Aeronautics, a startup backed by a Tesla investor, announced that it will be able to take off vertically in the air and fly up to 110 miles on a single charge, similar to a helicopter. Furthermore, the company revealed plans to deliver these vehicles by 2025. cnbc Aleph’s Model A will cost $300,000 and presales are currently open, with interested customers able to deposit just $150 to get on the waiting list, or $1,500 for a “priority” spot on the list. The design scheme for the car includes a carbon-fibre body with an open, mesh-like top that houses four propellers on each side. Once the car starts flying vertically, the vehicle will turn on its side with the two-seater cockpit rotating, the propeller allowing it to steer like a large flying drone.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the top booster for federal semiconductor aid in the US, said the country needs invest $20 billion to $30 billion in semiconductor design and research and development through 2030 on top of $52 billion in chip manufacturing subsidies approved by Congress in July. SIA said the additional funding is needed to ensure it does not lose its leadership in chip design to other countries. The association said the funding could result in SIA additional design-related sales of $450 billion over the next ten years while also creating 23,000 new design jobs.

Amazon plans to lay off around 20,000 employees from the company in the next few months. These layoffs will affect everyone from distribution center employees to corporate executives, according to a report. computer World Revealed. Employees at Amazon are ranked from level one to level seven, and employees at all levels are likely to be affected. Twenty thousand employees equates to roughly six percent of corporate employees, and roughly 1.3 percent of Amazon’s total workforce of 1.5 million, including global distribution centers and hourly workers.

Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster over misappropriation of November 15 ticket sales for her Eras Tour. Fans are suing the company for “cheating, price-fixing and antitrust infringement”, alleging that it “deliberately deceived” that allowed resellers to buy up the majority of tickets and sell them at exorbitantly high prices. According to time limit, the lawsuit alleges that Ticketmaster was not strict enough with resellers and allowed them to engage in a pre-sale program to charge additional fees on resale tickets. The lawsuit asks the court to strike the company with a civil penalty of $2,500 per violation.

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