Hashtag Trending Dec 9 – Twitter Blue cost increase for iOS; Pentagon cloud contract; FBI concerned about Apple security features

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Twitter Blue will cost more for iPhone users, big tech companies will share a multibillion-dollar contract with the Pentagon, and the FBI is concerned with Apple’s new security features.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Friday December 9th and I’m your host, Aashi Pamma.

Even though the Twitter Blue plan is on hiatus for the time being, paying iOS users will have to when it makes its return $11 per month, a report of Information Found that subscription plan will cost $7 per month if you buy from the web, but to offset Apple’s App Store fee, iOS users will need a few extra dollars. Apple charges developers a 30 per cent fee for the first year of the subscription, but drops to 15 per cent from the second year onwards. Elon Musk has expressed his concern about Apple’s tariff policy. Last month, he described them as a “secret tax” imposed by the company.

Big tech companies Google, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon will share the Pentagon’s $9 billion contract to build their cloud computing network. The Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability aims to provide military personnel around the world access to unclassified and top-secret data. According to ap newsIt is expected to act as an adjunct to the Pentagon’s modern warfare operations, which will rely heavily on unmanned aircraft and space communications satellites, but also allow troops on the ground to receive intelligence from those platforms in a quick, seamless manner. Need a way to do it. The contract is expected to be completed by June 2028.

According to the FBI, Apple’s enhanced security features on the iPhone “hamper” the agency’s ability to protect Americans. Apple’s new security plans include end-to-end encryption for most iCloud services. iMessage identity verification and Apple ID two-factor authentication using hardware keys are additional security features, expected to roll out in 2023. The FBI told the Washington Post that it was “deeply concerned by the threat posed by end-to-end and user-only-access encryption,” speaking on concerns for people within the US. , will affect their ability to protect children from threats such as violence against them, drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism. apple insider noted that the FBI and others continually pressured Apple to add a way for law enforcement to see all the data, but Apple declined.

Reddit’s recap dropped on Thursday and revealed the top moments, communities and topics of the Reddit community in 2022. As of November, Reddit has seen a total of 430 million views and 2.5 billion comments. The most visited communities on Reddit include “Askedit,” “NBA,” “World News,” and “Personal Finance Canada.” The “Made Me Smile” subreddit saw a 45 percent increase in views over the previous year—making it the #38 most viewed subreddit overall. Some of the biggest smiles came from posts about brave cancer survivors and proposals in the air. A thread about news in Ukraine was viewed 1.8 billion times in 2022 alone with 6 million posts and comments. Finally, in the Tech category, the subreddit “Space” moved from #11 to #4 most viewed subreddit.

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