Hashtag Trending Feb.28th- Man runs cryptomining operation under a high school, Tesla pauses installations of driver assist software following recall, Apple unhelpful as woman’s iPhone stolen

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Man runs cryptomining operation under a high school, blocks installation of driver assist software after Tesla recall and Apple isn’t helpful as woman’s iPhone gets stolen, locked out and 10k stolen from her bank account become

Welcome to trending hashtags for Tuesday February 28th.

I’m your host Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and TechNewsday in the US – here’s today’s top tech news.

Nadeem Nahas, a facilities director in Massachusetts, has been accused of running an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation out of a crawl space under a high school.

The operation was first uncovered in 2021 by a janitor who discovered temporary ductwork, electrical wiring and computer systems that looked out of place in an “elevated crawl space” near the school’s boiler room.

After the police were called, Nahs immediately denied knowing why they were there.

Investigators soon found six mining rigs inside the crawl space, including inside coolers that vented to the outside, and five more systems 60 yards deep in the crawl space.

According to a police report, the crypto mining operation ran from April to December 2021, costing more than $17,000 in electricity.

The investigation determined Nahas as the alleged operator of the mine, which he denies.

Nahas made several references to cryptocurrency on Twitter but lied to the police about having a Twitter account. At the start of the operation, they shopped at Home Depot for equipment such as insulated flex ducts and extreme weather foil to be located in the crawl space.

Nahas is due back in court on May 17 for a pretrial conference.

Source: data center dynamics

Tesla has halted the installation of its full self-driving (FSD) beta software in the US and Canada after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested that the carmaker install the software on more than 360,000 of its vehicles. calls back.

Driver assistant software capable of automatically steering, braking and accelerating with the presence of the driver may also ignore yellow traffic lights, the vehicle’s stationary position at certain intersections or its location when traveling through certain variable speed zones Can mess up the perceived duration of motion.

Tesla vehicle owners who have just purchased $15,000 FSD add-on — or earlier Bought it but haven’t yet picked it up – won’t be able to use it until the automaker issues an over-the-air (OTA) software update.

Those who already have FSD installed and activated can continue to use the software, but will not see any new features until the issues identified by NHTSA are addressed.

The recall of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y vehicles affects Tesla boss Elon Musk’s long-standing promise that full self-driving will eventually lead to a fully autonomous system, where the car can drive itself without a driver. Drivers can drive themselves and even become a robotaxi.

Source: ledge

Meanwhile, aspirations in Musk’s social media company are also dying out,

The head of Twitter Blue, the company’s verification membership services, Esther Crawford has been let go, along with most of her product team. Crawford was also responsible for the company’s upcoming payments platform.

crawford emerged As a lead product manager under Musk, he once tweeted a photo of him sleeping in the Twitter office, saying “sometimes you sleep where you work”.

He supported the layoffs after Musk’s acquisition, saying “survival will require drastic cuts, no matter who owns the company.”

According to a New York Times report, this latest round of layoffs affects at least 200 employees. More than 50 percent of its 7,500 employees have been laid off since Musk took office in October.

Source: ledge

In news of more layoffs, Ericsson has announced plans to cut 8,500 jobs, or 8 percent of its workforce, to reduce costs.

Ericsson did not specify which sectors or divisions would be most affected. The company employs more than 105,000 people globally, including in North America.

The Swedish company providing equipment for 5G networks said that there would be layoffs this year and next. as part of a plan to cut costs by about $857 million By the end of 2023.

Source: USA Today

The cyber insurance market was hit hard following an increase in ransomware attacks during the pandemic. Now it is finally stabilizing.

Prices are coming down, new carriers and sources of capital are emerging, and companies can offer better coverage.

The threats posed by cyber criminals have still not subsided. Ransomware attacks against industrial organizations to increase by 87 percent in 2022 from a year ago, while the US Treasury Department said financial institutions indicated about $1.2 billion in potential ransomware-related payments in 2021.

the same digital intrusion The surge that took place during the dawn of the work-from-home era has now forced insurers to review how they write policies and push customers to adopt stronger cyber security measures.

But with new competitors entering the market at a time when demand was high, rates were bound to normalize while companies rebuild the stack of insurance policies they used to protect themselves against an attack. Are.

New entrants are also bringing more capital into the market. London-based insurer Beazley plc, For example, Launched a $45 million cyber sabotage Bond reported in January that it was the first of its kind.

These changes are seriously affecting how insurers handle the underwriting process. but also how they provide support and thought leadership to their customers, a regional cyber head with the insurer Allianz SA said.

Source: data center knowledge

In the latest AI news; RadioGPT is here.

A media company called Futuri in Cleveland, Ohio is testing the world’s first AI-powered localized radio content solution.

“With RadioGPT, the possibilities are endless. With RadioGPT, there never had to be a ‘liner card’ or a ‘sweeper-only’ air shift. Now everyone can be live and local.” the company claimed in a release.

RadioGPT scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and over 250,000 other sources of news and information to identify the most trending news stories in your local market.

It then uses GPT-3 to generate a script, which is read on-air by an AI voice. Radio stations are given a choice of AI voices for solo, duo, or three-hosted shows. AI can also be trained to sound like the voices of their existing personalities.

Source: interesting engineering

In November last year, a man in Manhattan stole Rehan Ayas’s iPhone.

As soon as he tried to use the Find My iPhone function to locate the thief, She discovered that her phone had been switched off, possibly because the thief had entered her passcode, Ayas believed.

She lost access to her Apple account, so she was unable to log in on her MacBook Computer. He contacted Apple Support, who advised him to get a new SIM card and a new iPhone. She did so, but still could not access her account.

Over the next 24 hours, $10,000 was taken from Ayas’ bank account, according to a bank statement seen by news site Insider.

He also received an email from Credit Karma showing an application for the Apple Credit Card. Another email showed that the application was approved While she was on hold with Apple-Card support. She was soon able to get some help from Goldman Sachs, which issues Apple’s credit cards.

Meanwhile, Apple had only one question for Ayas – “Have you tried ‘Find My iPhone’?”

During her most recent conversation with an Apple representative, the representative told Ayas that there was no way to regain access to her iCloud account.

“Apple takes great pride in having a closed-security environment. But they rarely talk about whether anyone gets into that closed-security environment; it’s closed even to people who have eats,” said Ayas. “It could absolutely turn against you.”

An NYPD detective confirmed that hundreds of similar crimes have been committed in New York over the past two years. He says, “”Once you get into the phone, it’s like a treasure box.

Source: insider

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