Hashtag Trending Feb.3rd- Microsoft Azure’s tracking and notifications broken; Twitter paid API; Microsoft Teams incorporates AI

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Real-time tracking and notification of spending broke on Microsoft Azure, the Twitter API is no longer free to use and Microsoft injects Team AI into its service.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Friday, February 3rd and I’m your host, Asha Pamma.

Microsoft announced that real-time tracking and notifications of partners’ Azure spending have been turned off as of March, raising the possibility that more spending may go undetected. The Azure Savings plan promises lower prices if customers sign up to spend a certain amount of hours on the compute device for one or three years. If they exceed hours, additional usage is billed at pay-as-you-go prices and invoiced separately. Information about customers who exceed their planned spend will still be recorded – but partners will no longer receive regular notifications about what their customers are doing with Azure. Microsoft has attributed the issue to “technical problems with their internal processing system”.

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Twitter announced that from February 9th the Twitter API will no longer be free to use. This comes as a disappointment to a wide range of developers, whose research, bots and apps depend on free access to the platform’s API to function. Now they either have to pay for access to public data or abruptly shut down their projects. Twitter hasn’t yet shared how much its new “paid basic tier” will cost, but the company has promised more details coming next week. Developers and popular commentators have protested the announcement, particularly given the short notice, lack of information on pricing and their potential loss of valuable content.

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Microsoft Teams will provide new features powered by GPT-3.5. By injecting AI into its service, Microsoft wants to help organizations re-energize employees to drive business results. From automatically generated meeting notes, recommended actions to personalized highlights, AI-generated action items seek to help organizations looking to optimize IT investments and boost employee productivity. Now generally available, the incorporation of AI into Teams is aided by OpenAI in which Microsoft has invested $10 billion.

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As companies look to trim their technology spending as they ramped up investments and efforts to enable remote work during the pandemic, demand for the cloud remains a question mark. Companies are increasingly turning to Amazon Web Services, the market leader in cloud computing services, seeking help in cutting their bills, Data Center Knowledge reports. Microsoft, Amazon’s rival in cloud services, worried investors last week when it predicted slowing growth for its cloud operations. Analysts expect AWS sales to grow 22% in the fourth quarter and slow through 2023.

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The AI ​​has been creating an endless Seinfeld episode on Twitch for over a month called Nothing, Forever. The episode was launched on 14 December 2022 and has been airing since then. Vice wrote that the episode features low poly versions of the show’s characters talking in robotic sentences in a slightly reconfigured version of Jerry’s sitcom apartment. Occasionally there is an exterior shot of the apartment, with Jerry performing stand up. It also has a laugh track with lots of non-funny lines of GPT-3 generated dialogue. The creator explained to Vice that the concept came from “this weird, very off-center kind of nonsensical, surreal art project” that was developed over the years using “machine learning, generative algorithms, and cloud services”.

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