Hashtag Trending Jan 10 – Robot lawyer, Lab-grown retinal eye cells, First-ever vaccine for honeybees

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DoNotPay offers to pay $1 million for its robot to argue a legal case, lab-grown retinal cells make retinal cells, and the US Department of Agriculture approves vaccines for bees.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Tuesday, January 10th and I’m your host, Sameera Balsara.

DoNotPay’s Robot Lawyer Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, the force behind ChatGPT has offered to pay $1 million to any lawyer or individual wearing AirPods and letting their robot lawyer argue before the United States Supreme Court have proposed. By repeating exactly what it says. This possibly-illegal idea, Gizmodo reported, is meant to prove that DoNotPay is capable of handling complex legal matters. However, it is not clear whether AirPods are also allowed in the courtroom. Joshua Brower, who tweeted the strange proposal, told Gizmodo that the company would never do anything against the rules. He also said he hasn’t heard from attorneys for Supreme Court cases, but has serious offers for federal and appeals court cases. DoNotPay started in 2015 as a chatbot to help people resolve basic scenarios like canceling a subscription or appealing a parking ticket. But in recent years, the company has used AI to enhance the capabilities of its robot attorney, equipping it to dispute medical bills and successfully negotiate with Comcast.

source: gizmodo

A decade after researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed a way to grow organized clusters of retinal-like cells, a study from the same university has shown that these very retinal cells can now reach out and perform a handshake. can complete. Reportedly, this shows that retinal cells, called organoids, are ready for testing in humans with degenerative eye disorders. The key question, according to one of the researchers, is whether cells grown in compact clusters for months will behave appropriately when inserted into human eyes and manipulated to replace degenerative cells.

source: University of Wisconsin–Madison

The US Department of Agriculture has approved a conditional vaccine for bees designed to protect against American foulbrood disease, a bacteria capable of destroying entire colonies, Engadget reported. The vaccine was developed by a biotech firm called Dalan Animal Health. Thankfully, though, beekeepers won’t be killing bees one by one. In fact, administering the drug involves mixing it with the food the queen feeds worker bees. The vaccine then forms drones to feed their queen in “royal jelly”. Her offspring would then be born with some immunity against the harmful bacteria.

source: Engadget

The number of concurrent in-game players on video game digital distribution platform Steam surpassed 10 million on Saturday. Not necessarily the number of online users playing the game reached 32 million. This milestone was reached after the end of the holiday season and one of Steam’s big sales. IGN pointed out that this also comes at a time when there are no major new game releases. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Goose Goose Duck, PUBG and Apex Legends were the most concurrently played games.

source: IGN

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