Hashtag Trending Jan 16- Class action filed against Stability AI, spy software reveals time theft, chinese bank offers Pfizer vaccine

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Stability AI, Midjourney and DeviantART face class action lawsuit, Spy Software determines an employee lied about working, and a Chinese bank offers customers the Pfizer vaccine if they deposit $500,000 .

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. Today is Monday, January 16th and I am your host, Asha Pamma.

AI platforms Stability AI, Midjourney and DeviantART are facing a class action lawsuit for violating the rights of artists and other creators with their use of the AI ​​product Stable Diffusion. This class action was filed by the prestigious Joseph Savery Law Firm as well as other law firms. A section of plaintiffs seeking compensation for damages caused by AI companies and an injunction to prevent future damages. The AI ​​platforms are accused of creating their AI image products by training their models on billions of copyrighted images, which were downloaded and used without compensation or consent from the artists. The lawsuit alleges direct copyright infringement, related to counterfeiting, violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), infringement of class members’ rights of publicity, and various other violations of California’s unfair competition laws.

source: PR Newswire

Carly Besse, an employee at Vancouver Island accounting firm Reach CPA, has been ordered to repay her employer for “time theft” after the company’s tracking software determined that she was doing personal work when she claimed to be working. Was getting it done. Besse initially claimed that she was wrongfully laid off and that her employer owed her $5,000 in unpaid back wages and severance pay. However, the employer argued that she had engaged in time theft and filed a countersuit seeking more than $2,600 in wages while she allegedly was not working as well as time off from the start of her employment. was part of the advance previously received, CBS News reported. The court’s decision marks the first time a spyware technique has been used to order an employer to repay an employee for wasting time on the job.

source: cbs news

According to Business Insider, a Hong Kong-based bank is offering new and existing customers an express reservation to receive the Pfizer vaccine if they deposit at least $500,000 in an account. The Pfizer vaccine is not available in mainland China and the Chinese population is dependent on Chinese vaccines that do not contain mRNA technology. The complimentary vaccine is one of the “exclusive privileges” offered by the Chinese bank as mainland China lifts travel restrictions to Hong Kong. Other benefits for customers include body check-up and hepatitis B vaccine. Customers who apply for and activate the CNCBI GBA Currency Credit Card can receive two complimentary vaccines, including Pfizer Vaccine or Hepatitis B Vaccine, as well as 15% off at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Is.

source: business Insider

Meta has filed a lawsuit against Israeli surveillance firm Voyager Labs, alleging that the company used thousands of fake accounts and advanced tracking to secretly collect information on 600,000 Facebook and Instagram users, according to a report in the Guardian. tool used. The lawsuit says Facebook removed 38,000 fake profiles set up by the firm, which has offices in the US, UK, Israel, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The data included posts, likes, friends, photos, comments and information from groups and pages from Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Telegram, in addition to Facebook and Instagram users.

source: Haaretz

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