Hashtag Trending Jan 18 -AppleTV software update, first-ever transplant of 3D printed ear, Tesla suddenly accelerates and breaks into two

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Apple requires you to have an iPhone to operate the AppleTV, a woman receives the first successful transplant of a living, 3D-printed ear and a Tesla suddenly accelerates and breaks in two in West Vancouver.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Wednesday, January 18th and I’m your host, Asha Pamma.

According to a recent software update, tvOS, Apple’s TV software, is expected to require users to accept the new iCloud terms and conditions or update their Apple ID settings when accessing an iPhone or iPad, reports 9TO5Mac. get receive. The new software also requires users to have iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 or later, which means even an older generation iPad or iPhone won’t work to navigate the Apple TV. The Apple TV was considered a standalone device rather than an accessory and was used independently until recently. These changes mean that Apple TV users who have a Mac but no personal or newer iOS devices are left out. The recent software update was unveiled by a viral tweet by a user who claimed that he could not accept the terms and conditions on his Apple TV as he did not have any other Apple products.

source: 9TO5Mac

A woman has received the first ever successful live 3D printed ear transplant. US-based regenerative medicine company 3DBio Therapeutics operated the implant. The patient was suffering from microtia, a condition that causes underdevelopment or complete absence of one or both ears. This procedure involves taking samples from the patient’s existing ear tissue, from which cartilage cells are harvested. These are then multiplied in cultures and used as bioink to 3D-print a new ear shape, which is then implanted on the patient. These 3D printed ears continue to regenerate cartilage throughout the patient’s lifetime and are less likely to be rejected because they are made from one’s own cells. More technical details have not been revealed by 3DBio, but the company says the trial data has been reviewed by federal regulations and will be published upon completion of the still-ongoing trial, which includes 11 patients.

source: ZME Science

West Vancouver Police are investigating the sudden acceleration of a Tesla that resulted in the vehicle slamming into the BC Ferry ramp at Horseshoe Bay Terminal, causing it to break down two past Saturdays. A spokesperson for the West Vancouver Police Department said they are not yet sure whether this is a mechanical problem or a driver issue. Reportedly, no alcohol was involved. According to North Shore News, both the driver and passenger were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and are cooperating with the investigation.

source: North Shore News

The legal battle between generative AI firms and content creators continues as popular media company Getty Images has now announced it is suing Stability AI for illegally copying and processing millions of copyrighted images from its site to train its software. is suing. Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, told The Verge in an interview that the company has issued Stability AI with a “Letter Before Action” — a formal notification of impending litigation in the UK. Peters said that Sustainability AI did not reach out to Getty Images to use its contributors’ content and is therefore taking action to protect the intellectual property rights of its content creators.

source: ledge

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