Hashtag Trending Jan 26th-Amazon workers strike, Samsung wallet, Shutterstock embraces AI

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Amazon workers strike first in UK phase, Samsung Wallet rolls out Generative AI toolkit after partnering with OpenAI in eight new markets including Canada and Shutterstock.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Thursday, January 26th and I’m your host, Asha Pamma.

Amazon workers staged their first strike in the UK at the e-commerce giant’s warehouse in Coventry, England. The workers complained that they were unhappy with low wage growth and difficult working conditions. The GMB union representing the workers said around 300 workers walked out of Amazon’s Coventry warehouse, denouncing a 5 per cent pay rise to £10.50 an hour. Workers told the BBC they were constantly monitored, even when they went to the toilet and scolded for “wasting time” lasting a few minutes. Another employee said that the robots are treated better than the workers. An Amazon spokesperson told the BBC it has a system “that recognizes great performance” and that performance is only measured when an employee is at their station and logged in to do their job.

source: cnbc And BBC

Samsung Electronics today announced that Samsung Wallet will be available from the end of January in eight new markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Samsung Wallet is a secure, go-anywhere app on Galaxy phones to organize and access daily essentials. The company says it has gone above and beyond to better protect customer data by storing it in a secure environment to help protect against malware and other potential threats.

source: samsung newsroom

Following its partnership with OpenAI, Shutterstock has created a Generative AI toolkit for generating images based on text prompts. Shutterstock allowed OpenAI to use its libraries to train and feed the algorithms of its image generating platform, Dall-E 2. Now, customers of Shutterstock’s Creative Flow online design platform will be able to create images based on text prompts powered by OpenAI and Dall. -E 2. Interestingly, Shutterstock says that images are “ready to license” right after they’ve been created. According to TechCrunch, this means that Shutterstock looks to embrace the use of AI and is positioning itself in opposition to competitor Getty, which is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against Stability AI, which allegedly had used Getty images to train their AI without proper permission.

source: techcrunch

Data Center Knowledge reports that Intel has canceled plans to build its Oregon Research and Design Mega Lab, a 200,000-square-foot facility designed to test data center cooling innovations. The chipmaker said it is exploring the most cost-effective real-estate options as it seeks to cut spending by $3 billion in 2023. Shedding data center plans has already erased from that number the $700 million announced for the lab in 2022. Facebook also canceled data center construction in Europe but cited a shift to AI as the reason. This data center cancellation signals another stumbling block in Intel’s quest to end rival AMD’s dominance in the data center chip space.

source: data center knowledge

Scientists have created robots that can change shape between solid and liquid states, enabling them to perform feats such as jumping, climbing and even climbing out of cages, a new study suggests. The shape and speed of the machines are controlled by the magnetic field. , an approach that could lead to new biomedical and engineering techniques, such as targeted drug delivery, circuit assembly, or the creation of universal screws. A robot’s dynamic shape-shifting powers can also be adapted to perform a number of tasks, particularly in biomedicine, including delivering drugs to specific organs, or removing dangerous objects from the body. The ability to switch between solid and liquid states can be useful in accessing any confined or hard-to-reach places.

source: vice president

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