Hashtag Trending Jan 6th- NYC bans ChatGPT, Amazon lays off 18,000 workers, breaking encryption with quantum computers

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New York City banned ChatGPT, Amazon laid off 18,000 employees and Chinese researchers found a way to break online encryption with quantum computers.

This is all the tech news that is trending right now. Welcome to trending hashtags. It’s Friday, January 6th, and I’m your host, Ashi Pamma.

According to a report in Vice, the New York City Department of Education has banned access to ChatGPT, a machine learning chatbot, on school networks and devices due to concerns about negative effects on student learning. However, individual schools may request access to ChatGPT to study AI or technology related education. A spokesperson also said that ChatGPT can provide quick and easy answers to questions, but does not provide critical thinking or problem solving skills. Concerns have also been raised about the security and accuracy of the content, as well as the risks of AI plagiarism.

source: vice president

Business Insider reported that Amazon is laying off 18,000 employees, more than initially expected and the largest cut the company has ever made. The divisions affected are Amazon Stores and People Experience and Technology Solutions. CEO Andy Jassy cited layoffs, uncertain economic conditions and rapid hiring over the past several years as reasons. The company announced plans to lay off 10,000 employees late last year, but that number has grown since then, and according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will cut the rest in the coming weeks. It is the largest group of layoffs at a major tech company in recent months, according to the Journal.

source: business Insider

Chinese researchers claim to have found a way to break online encryption with quantum computing, years before the technology was expected to pose a threat, according to a report in the Financial Times. The method can be used to break the RSA algorithm that underpins most online encryption using a quantum machine with only 372 quantum bits, according to claims by 24 researchers from several academic bodies and state laboratories. Other experts cited by the Financial Times said that while the theory outlined in the research paper appears sound, trying to implement it in practice may be beyond the reach of today’s quantum technology.

source: financial Times

Coinbase needs to strengthen its security, the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) said in a settlement, adding that the cryptocurrency exchange platform is vulnerable to money laundering, drug trafficking and fraud. Financial regulators said Coinbase did a poor job of screening new customers and checking transactions on the exchange to ensure compliance with state banking, cyber security and other regulations. Under the settlement, the company will pay a $50 million fine and agree to spend $50. million over the next two years to address deficiencies identified by the agency, CBS News reported.

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