Hashtag Trending Nov.17-Taylor Swift crashes Ticketmaster; FTX owes a million people; Google awards security researcher

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Demand for Taylor Swift tickets overwhelmed Ticketmaster, FTX owed more than a million people money, and Google rewarded researchers for finding a bug in Android.

For all these tech news trending right now, welcome to Trending Hashtags. It’s Thursday, November 17th, and I’m your host, Ashi Pamma.

Taylor Swift fans encountered a number of technical issues while trying to buy tickets for the singer’s upcoming Eras Tour. According to Deadline, the overwhelming demand was too much for Ticketmaster to handle. Long queues, inability to log in, problems with incomplete purchases were some of the hurdles preventing fans from getting tickets. In response, Ticketmaster told buyers to avoid the website due to the unprecedented demand. Instead, Taylor Swift fans were asked to purchase via a texted pre-sale link.

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In a previous episode, we talked briefly about how the defunct crypto exchange FTX declared bankruptcy taking away its users’ money. The platform exploded within a few days. Thanks to a report from Vice, we now know that he owes more than a million people money. While the platform unsuccessfully tried to raise a $9 billion rescue package, prompting it to file for bankruptcy, it too was hacked, losing over $500 million in the process. No one knows how long it will take to fully recover the funds, or whether it is even possible.

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A security researcher discovered a way to bypass the Android lock screen on the Pixel 6 smartphone by complete accident. The researcher demonstrated the vulnerability in a video where he showed how it could be misused to unlock the device by swapping the SIM card and resetting the SIM’s unlock code. It’s a bit more complicated than what we can describe here, but it’s very easy to execute if you follow the steps. The researchers posted their findings on the Security Vulnerability Database. And for his discovery, Google awarded him $70,000.

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It may be common sense, but yes, automatic emergency braking really does reduce accidents. This has been revealed by not just one, but two different studies. Studies concluded that automatic emergency braking reduces rear end collisions by half, and pickup truck crashes by more than 40 percent. Its adoption is also spreading; The Associated Press reported that some automakers are looking to make it a standard feature on 95 percent of their light vehicles.

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