Hashtag Trending Nov.22 2022-Windows 11 ads; Gaming industry revenue drops; FCC updates broadband maps

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Windows 11 will introduce ads to its Start menu, the gaming industry sees a drop in revenue, and the FCC unveils an update to Broadband Maps.

For all these tech news trending right now, welcome to Trending Hashtags. it’s Tuesday November 22nd, and I am your host, Aashi Pamma.

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft will turn the Start menu into a delivery system for advertising. The company is testing some add-ons to the Start menu that will serve ads in it. according to a report by gacksThe two new updates include a website listing under Recommended and an ad in the account menu when users activate it to switch or sign-out. Updates will be used to promote Microsoft services, especially those associated with subscriptions or data sharing, as well as third-party services. In one example provided by Microsoft, the websites Etsy and Twitter were promoted as “common websites” under the Recommended section of the Start menu.

A new report from Newzoo reveals that the number of game players worldwide is set to increase by 4.6 percent in 2022. However, despite the increase in players, the video game industry saw its revenue decline for the first time in 15 years. The $184 billion figure is now down about four per cent year-on-year. but techspot Reported that the gaming industry has managed to deal with the economic volatility of 2022 much better than other industries. About 50 percent of the revenue generated came from mobile games and about 28 percent came from console games. Nearly half of all global game revenue came from the Asia-Pacific region, while North America contributed nearly a quarter.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took two major steps toward providing broadband users with more accurate availability and pricing information. The commission released the National Broadband Map update based on detailed data collected from ISPs. Users can visit an updated map site to search for their home and see a list of fixed and mobile providers along with the speeds offered. They can also use that page to submit challenges to either the address or the availability information. In addition, the FCC updated its Speed ​​Test app with an option to use test results to challenge the accuracy of mobile coverage data. Although, Ars Technica Be informed that there is still a ways to go in this update. This first version will need to be fixed for errors, as the FCC has indicated that there may be some inaccuracies.

Australian company Gilmour Space has almost finished building a rocket that it plans to launch into space in April 2023. This will happen Australia’s first indigenous orbital spacecraftIf the launch goes as planned. The rocket is named Eris and will be 23 meters tall and weigh over 30 tonnes. In addition it will be powered by five hybrid engines consisting of a solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer. The company hopes to complete construction of the rocket in March and aims for a test launch in April. If the launch is successful, Australia will be the 12th country in the world to send its own orbital rockets into space.

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