Hashtag Trending Nov.28 – Tesla’s Self-Driving test fail; Twitter breach worsens; breached WhatsApp records up for sale

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A recent safety test suggests Tesla’s full self-driving feature will kill a baby in a stroller, a Twitter breach from last year was much worse than previously reported, and half a billion WhatsApp records breached Moved in and ready for sale.

For all these tech news trending right now, welcome to Trending Hashtags. It’s Monday, November 28th and I’m your host, Samira Balsara.

A latest security test by The Dawn Project reveals that Tesla’s full self driving will rival the model of a child in a stroller. The tests were conducted in October in a public parking lot in Santa Barbara, California, using the latest version of the Tesla full self-driving beta software available at the time of testing. Testing found that the self-driving feature would repeatedly flag down a stroller in a parking lot. The tests also found that Tesla full self-driving would repeatedly bump into a child mannequin in a stroller on roads. On each run, internal cameras in the car showed onlookers that full self-driving was clearly engaged. A flashlight also showed that the accelerator pedal had not been pressed during any of the safety tests.

A massive Twitter data breach in 2021 that exposed more than five million phone numbers and email addresses was apparently much worse than initially reported. According to 9to5macEvidence showed that the same security vulnerability was exploited by multiple bad actors, and the hacked data has been offered for sale on the dark web by multiple sources. The original report found that only one hacker gained access to the data. At the time, when the vulnerability was first reported in January, Twitter acknowledged the vulnerability existed, and it was subsequently patched, but said nothing about anyone exploiting it. Data includes Twitter users in the UK, almost every EU country and parts of the US

Social media networks are a big target these days. A post on a hacking forum claims that nearly half a billion WhatsApp records have been breached and are up for sale techradar, The post on the forum claims to have sold an up-to-date, 2022 database of 487 million mobile numbers used on WhatsApp, which includes data from 84 countries. More than 32 million of the users in the leaked records are said to be from users in the US, with 11 million users from the UK. Other affected countries include Egypt, France and Italy. TechRadar said that about one-quarter of WhatsApp’s estimated two billion monthly active users are potentially at risk.

Within the European Union, airlines will now be able Install the latest 5G technology On their aircraft, allowing passengers to use their smartphones and other connected devices in flight. This coverage is possible because of the installation of something called a “pico-cell” in the aircraft. Through that network station, telephone calls, text messages and data traffic can be routed through the satellite network to the mobile network on the ground.

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