Hashtag Trending Nov.29-Meta fines; Smartphone addiction linked with negative cognitive outcomes; FCC bans import and sales of certain Chinese tech

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Facebook’s Meta fined 265 million euros, a new study finds smartphone addiction is linked to low self-esteem and other negative cognitive consequences, and the FCC bans the sale and import of some Chinese technology.

For all these tech news trending right now, welcome to Trending Hashtags. It’s Tuesday, November 29th and I’m your host, Asha Pamma.

On Monday, Facebook’s Meta was fined 265 million euros for not better protecting the phone numbers of more than half a billion users and other information from so-called data scrapers. According to wall street journalThe fine, issued by Meta’s main privacy regulator in the European Union, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, is the latest sign of how authorities in the region are becoming more aggressive in enforcing the bloc’s privacy law for big tech companies. . A Meta spokesman said the company will investigate Monday’s decision but has yet to decide whether it wants to appeal. “Unauthorized data scraping is unacceptable and against our rules,” he said. It is the third time Ireland has fined Meta and its subsidiaries, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, in a privacy case in the past 15 months, bringing the combined financial penalties to more than $900 million.

new research shows Problematic smartphone use has been associated with low self-esteem as well as negative cognitive outcomes. The study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, suggests that people who are addicted to smartphones report greater loneliness and experience a lack of self-regulation. People who have a phone addiction are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms even when their smartphone use is restricted. An experiment involving 111 participants aged 18 to 65 showed that participants with higher levels of smartphone addiction had poorer working memory, visual reaction time, auditory reaction time, ability to inhibit a motor response, and lower levels of smartphone addiction. compared to level participants demonstrated behavioral inhibition. Addiction.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has banned the import and sale of certain Chinese technology equipment, saying it poses an “unacceptable risk to national security”. In a statement on Twitter, FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr said the commission’s unanimous decision is the first time in US history it has voted to restrict authorization of devices based on national security concerns. According to an article in The Hill, the embargo prevents devices from Huawei and ZTE from approval, and devices from Dahua, Hikvision and Hytera can be approved for import and sale only if they assure the FCC that their devices Will not be used for public use. security, protection of government facilities or other national security purposes.

Bionaut Lab, the team responsible for creating Apple’s Face ID, is in the process of creating a new medical development – ​​tiny robots injected into the skull to deliver drugs directly to the brain, Robots only a few millimeters long would be shot into patients’ skulls. Using magnetic propulsion, they’ll navigate to the affected area of ​​the brain, release the drug, and then make their way to the needle site for extraction. According to nasdaqThe lab’s co-founder, Michael Spiegelmacher, told the Financial Times that he got the idea when he thought about how most pills and vaccines circulate throughout the body, sometimes causing nasty side effects.,

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