Head of cloud at Amdocs discusses challenges in clients’ cloud journeys

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on annual IT World Canada digital transformation conferenceITWC Chief Information Officer Jim Love meets with Deborah Koens, Regional Head of Cloud Professional Services mdocs America, to discuss the challenges organizations face in their cloud adoption journey.

Amdocs is widely known as a global provider of software and services to telecommunications and media companies, but the company now primarily describes itself as a global leader in transformation, Koens explained.

This, he said, can be attributed to the company’s growing focus on the cloud at scale, especially in highly regulated industries, in collaboration with three of its hyperscalers: Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

At Amdocs, customers in one region typically face challenges in modernizing their security and bringing it to the cloud, he said.

“It’s tempting to look at security the way you’ve always done it. Replacing it can be expensive,” she said. “It can be overwhelming and intimidating, and it can be hard to justify that investment. And customers are very concerned about compliance, so it’s not necessary to touch what’s already working. However, if you don’t make those changes, and you don’t adjust for security in the cloud, you won’t necessarily get the benefits you were looking for.

Amdocs seeks to not only help customers automate time-consuming and complex processes in their cloud transformation journey, but also personalize that automation to truly reflect what the customer is doing, so that they can drive that transformation. to see the actual value of

Koens said too many organizations are struggling to move their machine learning operations out of the sandbox and into production.

“All the things that allow a customer to do complex processes — that’s in our DNA, and so we take that combination of methodology and engineering and we bring it into machine learning. And really, I think It will serve us well as we move forward in this emerging discipline.

However, Amdocs will continue to improve the overall digital experience of its traditional customers in the telecommunications industry, financial services and others, Koens said.

“We have a passion for helping people succeed in the cloud. That’s why we always say, give us your toughest and craziest projects, and that’s what we want to do.

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