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There is no doubt that we are fast moving towards a completely digital economy. The integration of digital technology with the need for secure information management is critical for businesses to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

To that end, businesses need solutions to effectively and responsibly introduce a digital framework. he is there open text comes This Waterloo-based company originated in a groundbreaking project and continues to lead the way in digitizing every area of ​​business.

“What began as a partnership between the University of Waterloo and the University of Oxford, the first online Oxford English Dictionary, became OpenText, an information management company that has grown into one of Canada’s leading technology companies,” says Sandy Ono, executive vice president of OpenText. has changed.” President and Chief Marketing Officer.

providing tomorrow’s solutions today

OpenText provides cloud solutions in content services, business networks, digital experiences and cyber security, as well as in AI and analytics, application modernization and delivery, and digital operations management. “Companies today are all going through a digital transformation,” Ono says. “As a leading information management company, OpenText empowers businesses to excel in these modern work environments by bringing information and automation together for businesses and customers.”

The future of business is online—and specifically—on the cloud. It is both necessary and beneficial for companies to follow suit. Regardless of industry, the need to better manage information and automation to deliver results faster is integral to whether a business will remain relevant.

In manufacturing, companies need to have a working supply chain and back-up supply ready. In healthcare, there is a huge need for effective information management of records and access to data to provide better experience for patients. In financial services, proprietary data, systems and applications must be well managed to provide quality service. And in all these scenarios, security of information and a human-centred approach, where users’ needs are given priority, are of utmost importance.

It’s a lot for business owners to figure out. That’s why OpenText’s solutions help businesses make the digital leap and interact in this new online world. Ono stressed, “Businesses are preparing for the future and are innovating to go completely digital.” “This is where we all need to be. We are working towards more human-centric work and also navigating the pressures of new rules and regulations. Leads businesses through their digital transformations with solutions.

Ensuring Responsible Digital Transformation

It’s not just about verifying that these systems work. Assuring that the technology we rely on is built with equity and inclusion is critical to building a sustainable world for future generations. More and more, businesses must undertake responsible digital transformation, where we must be thoughtful and critical about how we create and use technology.

In 2021, OpenText announced to launch opentext zero-in The company’s guiding framework to help achieve global impact goals related to initiatives, environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments and programs. “This program is our public commitment to a sustainable and inclusive future and we are working with many clients to help them advance corporate sustainability,” says Ono. “We work with all of our customers to help improve businesses and lives around the world.”

To learn more, watch this Q&A video with Ono and Muhi Mazzoub, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of OpenText, and watch,

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