Hybrid work, security and sustainability share centre stage at Cisco Live EMEA 2023

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Last week, communications technology company cisco announced a plethora of new tools and capabilities in the areas of hybrid work, cloud, IoT, security, networking, sustainability and more.

Technology innovations were announced Cisco Live EMEAThe company’s annual training and education program for IT professionals in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region.

“Our customers count on us to keep their businesses connected and secure, with seamless access to the apps they need to run efficiently and continue to optimize and grow,” said Wendy Mars, Cisco EMEA President. ” “This trust is something we have built over many years, and the close collaboration between our teams and our customers and partners drives the innovation we are showcasing here in Amsterdam.”

Here are some of the innovations announced at the event held in Amsterdam:

cloud security

Cisco customers can now access new risk-based capabilities To better secure hybrid work enabled through multi-cloud environments. It includes risk-based authentication that provides users with secure access through real-time contextual prompts.

Additionally, Cisco unveiled business risk supervisionan enhancement for cisco full-stack observable The application security solution is available through Cisco Secure Applications. It allows teams to generate application-based business risk scores to help narrow down vulnerabilities on applications or services.

These capabilities seek to demonstrate Cisco’s approach to protecting the integrity of an organization’s entire IT ecosystem.


Cisco announced IoT Operations Dashboard To help customers increase visibility of industrial assets, securely manage assets from anywhere, and help converge IT and OT operations.

cisco thousand eyes Introduced support for OpenTelemetry to provide expanded visibility, correlated insights, and optimized digital experiences.

Cisco+ Secure Connect, the company’s integrated mother in law (Secure Access Service Edge) solution, now supports integration into Cisco SD-WAN fabrics (software-based, virtual IP fabric) to provide fast, secure, private application and Internet access to any Cisco SD-WAN customer Can be done

These announcements Primarily serves organizations that need to connect core enterprise operations to industrial locations, spread across utility grids, manufacturing facilities, and transportation networks.


Cisco announced the addition Carbon Emissions Insights For this webex control hub, It provides actionable insights on energy consumption and usage of Cisco Webex devices, helping companies track their sustainability goals.

Cisco also enumerated its sustainability programs:

  1. Takeback and Reuse Program – 99.9 percent of Cisco end user hardware that is returned is reused and recycled
  2. Cisco Room BarDesigned with 100 percent recyclable packaging materials
  3. cisco ip phone 8800 series There will be models made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins.
  4. Cisco Green Pay Circular payment solution that offers 5 percent incentive on Cisco hardware, predictable payments for five years, and free product returns.
  5. cisco refresh – Buy rebuilt, fully certified Cisco network routers, switches, phones, and collaboration products.

training program

cisco announced It aims to train 10 million people in EMEA in digital and cyber security over the next 10 years Networking Academy Program, It’s part of Cisco’s 10-year plan to empower 25 million people globally with the digital skills they need to manage and protect the essential digital systems we rely on today.

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