‘I personally wanted to punch Kanye’: Elon Musk on why he banned Kanye West

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Kanye West (Yeh) has been removed from Twitter again, just weeks after being brought back by Elon Musk. Right from the time it wasn’t banned and taken down, a lot happened on Twitter. Musk revealed why he decided to remove Kanye West from Twitter and also expressed his anger at the rapper for sharing some questionable tweets. Elon Musk offered his justification for banning Kanye during a Twitter Space session on Saturday. During the session, he also talked about Twitter Files and how the platform plans to take it forward.

Elon Musk reveals he wanted to punch Kanye West To post a picture of a swastika (Nazi symbol) on your Twitter feed. He said the post made him want to punch Kanye and implied it incited him to violence. During the live session, Musk said, “Posting a swastika which is clearly not a good way is incitement to violence. I personally wanted to punch Kanye, so, it definitely incites me to violence.” was provoking.”

When asked about what could be a good way to share the swastika, Musk claimed that it can be done if there is some historical context or analysis, but not to incite anti-Semitic behaviour.

Elon Musk vs Kanye West

Kanye took a dig at Musk shortly after posting a picture of the swastika. He also shared a picture of himself shirtless and asked his followers to remember this as his last post on Twitter. Elon Musk took that comment in good sport and said he would take inspiration from it to stay healthy.

Kanye West continues to comment on Musk on Instagram

After being removed from Twitter, Kanye West turned to Instagram to post more comments on Musk. This time it was about his race. West claimed that Musk looked like a ‘half-Chinese’ person. He referred to the billionaire’s childhood photographs and claimed that Musk looks like the child of a Chinese genius and a South African supermodel.
He even dragged Barrack Obama into the discussion and claimed that he too was a ‘genetic hybrid’.

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Elon Musk responded to Kanye West’s comment, claiming that he takes it as a compliment, not an insult. Kanye was quick to post a screengrab of Musk’s response, saying he also meant it as a compliment.

During the Twitter Spaces session, Musk also talked about the revelations that he dubbed the ‘Twitter Files’. He claimed that all Twitter users should be aware of Twitter’s past and rest assured that there are no “shady businesses” going on following Musk’s acquisition.

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