Is Rishi Sunak planning to limit foreign students in UK universities? Here’s what we know so far 

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The UK prime minister may cap the entry of international students into the country as it grants a record number of visas to non-EU students, including Indian nationals and their family members. Visas granted to Indian students in June 2022 increased by 215 percent as compared to 2019. Overall, 4,86,868 sponsored study visas were granted, which is an increase of 71 per cent from 2019.

According to a report in Times of India, however, experts have warned Sunak that curbing admissions will bankrupt UK universities that depend on foreign students for money.

Asked whether the government was planning to curb the entry of international students, the PM’s deputy spokesman said they were looking at the figures in detail and would consider all options to ensure the immigration system works in a British way. giving to the people. “This includes looking at the issue of student dependents and low-quality degrees,” the spokesperson said.

However, Professor Brian Bell, chair of the UK government’s Migration Advisory Committee, said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that most universities lose money on most courses they teach to British students, but make up for the loss by charging higher fees to international students. Huh. He said that if the international route is closed, then the existence of universities becomes ambiguous. He asked, “Are you prepared to drastically increase the fees that British students have to pay to make up for the loss.”

Tim Bradshaw, CEO of the Russell Group, which represents 24 UK universities, said UK universities that attract students from around the world are an asset to the country and any policy that limits or restricts this would be a mistake and Will hurt local economies.

The Provost of Imperial College London, Professor Ian Walmsley, called international students “irreplaceable” in an interview with The National. If anything, the country needs at least 150,000 additional researchers and technicians by 2030 to reach its science goals, he added. He added that the contribution international students make to the UK economy is also something they do not want to lose.

Professor Dave Petley, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hull, said the move would be “foolish”. The “absurd and counterproductive” move, he said, is disappointing.

Earlier Home Secretary Suella Braverman complained of bringing family members of foreign students who would piggyback on their student visas, and promoting substandard courses in substandard institutions.

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