Major Toronto hospital network declares IT alert

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A second Toronto hospital network has had to declare a code gray due to IT outages within weeks of a ransomware attack on a children’s hospital.

The University Health Network, which includes three major hospitals and a rehabilitation unit, declared a state of emergency earlier today.

UHN spokeswoman Gillian Howard said, “UHN is experiencing an outage in our digital systems across our network.” told in an email. “Our digital team is investigating the issues and will update periodically. Clinical areas are using downtime procedures at this time.”

As of 4 p.m., when this story was written, all UNH websites were still down.

This comes after Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital declared a code gray last month following a ransomware attack. Code Gray was canceled last week after IT remediation efforts resulted in 80 percent of IT systems being brought back online.

UNH consists of three acute care hospitals – Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Center – The Toronto Rehabilitation InstituteAnd Michener InstituteA post-secondary institution offering diplomas and certificates in health sciences and leadership.

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