Meet the 10 start-ups that made it to the second batch of Accel’s pre-seed program Atoms

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Global venture capital firm Accel has selected 10 start-ups for the second cohort of its pre-seed initiative Atoms, where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work with a sponsored Accel partner, an individual from a pool of 60-odd business leaders. Counseling will and will be received. Funding in the form of non-dilutive capital.

Here is a glimpse of the selected start-ups:

BRIK: Founded by Francis Anugerah, BRIK is a full stack B2B construction materials-focused aggregator helping small and medium-sized contractors to procure construction materials in Indonesia.

Databrain: It is a full-stack data platform that enables non-technical strategic teams to effectively extract and analyze data. The start-up is founded by Rahul Pattamatta and Vaishakh Srinivasan.

DhiWise: Founded by Vishal Virani and Rahul Shingla, DhiWise provides an AI-powered DevTool that enables developers to rapidly deliver production-ready source code for all types of apps.

Dapanda: This start-up helps publishers meaningfully monetize their platform’s traffic by adding micro-e-commerce to their websites. Founded by Rajat Dhanda and Gaurav Gupta, Databrain enables brands to serve buyers at highly relevant locations.

Fishlog: Based in Jakarta and founded by Bayu Anggara, Reza Fahlepi, Abdul Halim and Rizki Akbar Amirullah, it is a business-to-business marketplace and a community-driven ecosystem that streamlines the seafood supply chain.

Gut Wellness Club: It is an initiative to heal gut related problems naturally using traditional food and yoga without medication or supplements. The founders are Anita Seth and Swarnalatha Chandran.

Mello: Founded by Abhilash Bolla and Srineesh Bala, this discovery platform allows people to discover the best experiences around them.

Repic: It is a SaaS-based AI-ML platform for manufacturing industries. Founded by Pinak Dattaray, Ripik brings efficiency to the way industries operate their factories.

Upflowy: Founded by Guillaume Ang, Matt Brown, and Alexandre Girard, Upflowy is a no-code tool that allows anyone to create and customize personalized forms that generate more and better qualified leads.

Youshd: Founded by Sarabmeet Kallar and Meghna Bansal, Youshd is a UGC (user-generated content)-first performance engine that leverages the power of consumer networks to help DTC brands succeed.

Atoms provides select start-ups with non-dilutive capital of $250,000, 1:1 mentorship by established Indian entrepreneurs and business leaders, and access to Excel’s global community. Across two conglomerates, Atoms has invested in 23 start-ups from a diverse set of companies – ranging from SaaS, B2B marketplace, Web3, D2C, hardware, health and wellness. These start-ups have raised close to $100 million from VCs and investors.

“Our goal is to be the first partner for founders. The zero-to-one journey for an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging, as it sets the foundation of the company. Being the VC firm of choice for many companies, Accel has been Having a deep understanding of what founders need right from the start of their journey.Prayank Swaroop, Partner, Accel India, said, Atoms were created to assist these founders in their journey of building successful companies.

Accel launched Atoms in August 2021 to take advantage of the early stage opportunity. The selected start-ups undergo 100 days of intensive learning and development that will guide the founders through workshops towards building a scalable enterprise, establishing OKRs and building a strong coworking community. The mentorship and guidance program helps early stage founders build a strong business network. Atoms mentor pool includes founders from Accel’s portfolio such as Nandan Reddy (Co-Founder – Swiggy), Germain Brion (SVP – Corporate Strategy at Chargebee), Raghav Chandra (Co-Founder at Urban Company), and Harish Sivaramakrishnan (Head of Design) Are included. CRED).

Brew Money, ByteBeam,, Fitbuds, Fragmentmint, GoSats, Jiffy, Cluster, Nimble, Honesto Labs, Rigi, Spendflow, Material Depot and an unknown stealth for women are among the 14 startups selected for Atoms’ first program Start-ups included. Wellness place.

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