Men carrying sticks smash CCTV cameras at world’s largest iPhone factory; watch video

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The biggest factory making Apple iPhones is facing massive labor unrest. The facility in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou is owned by its supplier Foxconn and is being targeted by workers demanding their wages. Reportedly, videos are being shared in which men are seen breaking surveillance cameras at the facility. He is also seen wearing a hazmat suit to avoid detection.

A Reuters report claimed that visuals of the unrest were being shared live on the Kuaishou short video platform. Reports claimed that some agitators carrying sticks raised slogans of “give us our salary”. Foxconn factory and workers affected by zero China’s Covid policy and subsequent lockdown,

Disclaimer: The video contains violence. viewer discretion is advised.

The workers who were earlier employed in the factory shared their horrific experiences in the factory. He spoke of food shortages and harsh quarantine rules. Foxconn had to retain employees by paying them bonuses. Reports suggest that the employees were protesting as they were saying that the bonus would be delayed.

Videos being circulated on Twitter claim that the activists are protesting against China’s strict Covid policy. The videos also share the reactions of Chinese police to the protesters. However, given the use of hazmat suits, his clothing is completely covered.

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